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BeForU - 6Notes EP cover art.png
EP by BeForU
Released March 3, 2007
Recorded 2007
Genre J-Pop, Rock, Trance
Label Be+Wings Records
Producer Risa Sotohana, Kawai Shin, Baby Faze, Yoichi Sakai, Aiki Hisashi

6Notes is a mini-album released on March 3, 2007 by members of the J-Pop group BeForU. Each track performed on the album is a solo by one member.

This album was available at live BeForU performances and at their official website exclusively and as of February 29, 2008, is no longer available.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 彩 – 小坂りゆ (Riyu Kosaka) [Aya[1]]
  2. 細い鎖 – 外花りさ (Risa Sotohana) [Hosoi Kusari/Thin Chain (Necklace)]
  3. Luna+Tic Fantasy – 有沢みはる (Miharu Arisawa)
  4. ラディエンス – Noria [Radiensu/Radiance]
  5. フレンズ – 代真 (Yoma Komatsu) [Furenzu/Friends]
  6. Always – 南さやか (Sayaka Minami)


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