8th Mountain Infantry Brigade (Argentina)

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The 8th Mountain Infantry Brigade (Spanish: Brigada de Infantería de Montaña 8) is a unit of the Argentine Army specialised in Mountain warfare. The headquarters of the Brigade is based on Mendoza, Mendoza Province. Is formed by different types of mountain units:

  • 11th Mountain Infantry Regiment "General Las Heras", based at Tupungato, Mendoza Province.
  • 16th Mountain Infantry Regiment "Cazadores de Los Andes", based at Uspallata, Mendoza Province.
  • 22nd Mountain Infantry Regiment "Teniente Coronel Juan Manuel Cabot", based at El Marquesado, San Juan Province.
  • 8th Mountain Cazadores Company "Teniente 1ro Ibañez", based at Puente del Inca, Mendoza Province.
  • 15th Light Cavalry Regiment "Libertador Simón Bolívar", based at Campo de los Andes, Mendoza Province.
  • 8th Mountain Artillery Group "Coronel Regalado de la Plaza", based at Uspallata, Mendoza Province.
  • 7th Artillery Group, San Luis, San Luis Province.

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