9th LG Cup

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The 9th LG Cup featured:

Out of the 24 (16 of which competed in the main tournament below), 2 players were given automatic berths. These were Lee Chang-ho, the winner of the 8th LG Cup, and the runner up, Mok Jin-seok.

Knockout Stages[edit]

Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  South Korea Yoo Changhyuk   1
  China Gu Li   0  
  Yoo Changhyuk   0
   Cho U   1  
  Japan Cho U   1
 South Korea Mok Jin-seok   0  
  Cho U   1
   Cho Hanseung   0  
  Japan Yamashita Keigo   0
 South Korea Cho Hanseung   1  
  Cho Hanseung   1
   Kong Jie   0  
  South Korea Choi Cheol-han   0
 China Kong Jie   1  
  Cho U   3
   Yu Bin   1
  South Korea Park Seunghyun   0
 China Yu Bin   1  
  Yu Bin   1
   Won Seong-jin   0  
  South Korea Won Seong-Jin   1
 South Korea Kim Man Soo   0  
  Yu Bin   1
   Lee Chang-ho   0  
  South Korea Lee Chang-ho   1
 Japan O Rissei   0  
  Lee Chang-ho   1
   Lee Sedol   0  
  South Korea Lee Sedol   1
 United States Jiang Mingjiu   0  


Players Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5
Japan Cho U Loss Won Won Won N.P.
China Yu Bin Won Loss Loss Loss N.P.