A2744 YD4

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Artist’s impression of the remote dusty galaxy A2744 YD4.jpg
This artist’s impression shows what A2744_YD4 might look like.[1]
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 00h 14m 24.927s[2]
Declination−30° 22′ 56.15″[2]
Redshift8.38 [3]
Distance13.2 billion ly (light-travel distance)
Other designations
[ZSM2014] YD4

A2744_YD4 is a very distant young galaxy. This galaxy has first been identified as a possible distant galaxy in 2015 using Hubble. This detection was made possible because this galaxy lies behind the massive galaxy cluster Abell 2744. In 2017, ALMA observed it and detected a small quantity of dust (the most distant stardust to date) and the first signature of Oxygen emitting light only 600 million years after the Big Bang [4].


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