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ABG fast interceptor craft are a series of thirteen 26 metres (85 ft) high-speed interceptor boats designed and supplied in knocked down kits by Henderson based Global Marine Design (Headed by Gavin Mair) and assembled by ABG Shipyard, Surat for the Indian Coast Guard.


They are wide aluminum hulled water jet propelled vessels for operations in close coastal and shallow waters. They Have an endurance of 500 nautical miles at 25 knots and capable of doing high speed up to 45 knots and are fitted with a 12.7 mm ‘Prahari’ Heavy Machine Gun (HMG). They have a crew of eleven enrolled personnel, with one officer and ten sailors.


Initially two units were ordered by Indian Coast Guard for evaluation during 1999-2000 at a cost of Rs 26.5 crore. The first unit (C-141) was launched in October 2000 and was delivery in 2001. The second unit (C-142) was delivered on 08 Feb 2002. They were commissioned at Porbandar and were extensively tested by the Coast Guard for ascertaining their speed and design specifications. The boats achieved the desired speed during trials. There after a follow-on order was placed on 30 March 2006 for 11 boats. The cost price of each unit in follow-on order was Rs 17.63 crore, aggregating to Rs 193.94 crore for the whole order.

List of vessels[edit]

Yard no IMO no Commissioned date Pennant no
9217539 Oct-00 C-141
9217541 08-Feb-02 C-142
243 9502104 03-Jun-09 C-143
244 9502178 09-Oct-09 C-144
245 9502180 17-Dec-09 C-145
246 9502192 16-Apr-10 C-146
247 9502207 28-May-10 C-147
248 9502219 01-Oct-10 C-148
249 9502221 01-Dec-10 C-149
250 9502245 28-Mar-11 C-150
251 9502257 28-Mar-11 C-151
253 9502269 18-Jun-11 C-152
254 9502271 22-Oct-11 C-153


  • Overall Length: 26.00 m
  • Waterline Length: 21.75 m
  • Beam: 6.60 m
  • Draft @ Working Displacement: 1.180 m
  • Working Displacement: 90 tonnes (approx.)
  • Light Displacement: 60.60 tonnes (approx.)
  • Deck height above Waterline: 2.195 m
  • Bow Freeboard at rest: 2.925 m
  • Fuel Capacity: 7,000 Litres (approx.)
  • Engine: 2 x MTU 12V4000 @ 2100 RPM
  • Propulsion system: 2 x Kamewa 63-S2 Waterjet
  • Total Installed Power: 2 x 2,040 kW
  • Sprint Speed: 84 km/hr
  • Cruise Speed: 65 km/hr

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