AEL Kalloni F.C.

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APL Kallonis
Short nameAPLK
Founded1994 (AELK)
2017 (APLK)
GroundMytilene Municipal Stadium

Akadimia Podosfairou Lekanopediou Kallonis, (former AELK) commonly referred to Kalloni, was a Greek football club, based in Kalloni, Lesbos.

They competed in Superleague Greece from 2013 to 2016.


The club was established in 1994 after a merger of Arisvaios Kalloni (est. 1954) and Apollon Dafia (est. 1969), two clubs that had been based in villages in the wider area of Kalloni, the club's original seat.

2002–03 season[edit]

In 2002 they promoted in Delta Ethniki but they relegated to local championship of Lesbos. Being one of the weakest club of their group and without having any professional contract, they only achieved four wins.

2007–08 season[edit]

The advent of Prokopis Kartalis who had played at Alpha Ethniki as a player of Skoda Xanthi marks the beginning of the glorious course of the club. Kartalis emerged team's top scorer and AEL Kalloni easily won Lesbos local championship and the promotion to Delta Ethniki.

2008–09 season[edit]

In 2008–09 season, they promoted in Delta Ethniki and, even though outsider, they came close to take the first place. They were placed in a group that also competed Athenian clubs and finished 5th.

2009–10 season[edit]

During the 2009–2010 season AEL Kalloni, making an amazing second round and having the best defense and the second best goals for record in their group won the first place and, for the first time ever, promotion to Football League 2.

2010–11 season[edit]

In the club's first season in a professional league, in the North Group of Football League 2, they placed 2nd, a place that led them to a mini league (play-offs) against Vyzas, the 2nd-place team of South Group, and the third-placed teams of each group, Fokikos and Iraklis Psachna. The winner of the league would be promoted in Football League. However, due to the relegation of five clubs by the previous version Football League, play-offs were not carried out, so Kalloni promoted directly with all clubs that would competed in play-offs, Anagennisi Giannitsa and Platanias to 2011–12 Football League.

Kalloni seasons[edit]

Season Division Tier Position
1994–95 Lesbos FCA Championship V 4th
1995–96 Lesbos FCA Championship 1st ↑
1996–97 Delta Ethniki IV 13th ↓
1997–98 Lesbos FCA Championship V 2nd
1998–99 Lesbos FCA Championship 2nd
1999–2000 Lesbos FCA Championship 1st
2000–01 Lesbos FCA Championship 4th
2001–02 Lesbos FCA Championship 1st ↑
2002–03 Delta Ethniki IV 15th ↓
2003–04 Lesbos FCA Championship V 4th
2004–05 Lesbos FCA Championship 5th
2005–06 Lesbos FCA Championship 2nd
2006–07 Lesbos FCA Championship 2nd
2007–08 Lesbos FCA Championship 1st ↑
2008–09 Delta Ethniki IV 5th
2009–10 Delta Ethniki 1st ↑
2010–11 Football League 2 III 2nd ↑
2011–12 Football League II 5th
2012–13 Football League 3rd ↑
2013–14 Superleague Greece I 12th
2014–15 Superleague Greece 10th
2015–16 Superleague Greece 16th ↓
2016–17 Football League II 16th ↓
  • Delta Ethniki was abolished in 2013, as it was merged with Football League 2, the third tier of the Greek football league system.
Promoted Relegated

Greek Cup appearances[edit]

Season Round Date Home Away Result
2010–11 First 4 September 2010 Kalloni Aetos Skydra 0–1
2011–12 Second 23 November 2011 Glyfada Kalloni 2–2 aet (4–5 pen)
Fourth 20 December 2011 Kalloni Panionios 2–3 aet
2012–13 First 24 October 2012 Ethnikos Asteras Kalloni 1–1 aet (1–4 pen)
Second 31 October 2012 Olympiacos Volos Kalloni 1–1 aet (5–3 pen)
2013–14 Second 26 September 2013 Pierikos Kalloni 1–2
31 October 2013 Kalloni Pierikos 2–2 (4–3 agg)
Round of 16 4 December 2013 OFI Crete Kalloni 0–1
16 January 2015 Kalloni OFI Crete 0–2 aet (1–2 agg)
2014–15 Second (group stage)
24 September 2014 Kalloni Tyrnavos 2005 1–1
29 October 2014 Asteras Tripoli Kalloni 2–1
7 January 2015 Kalloni Aiginiakos 5–0
2015–16 Second (group stage)
28 October 2015 Asteras Tripoli Kalloni 4–0
3 December 2015 Kalloni Panserraikos 2–1
16 December 2015 Kissamikos Kalloni 1–2
Round of 16 6 January 2016 Kalloni PAOK 2–1
14 January 2016 PAOK Kalloni 3–0
2016–17 Second (group stage)
25 October 2016 Kalloni Agrotikos Asteras 1–2
1 December 2016 Xanthi Kalloni 3–1
15 December 2016 Kalloni PAS Giannina 1–3

Crest and colours[edit]

Apollon and Arisvaios' crests[edit]

Apollon Dafia's crest depicted ancient god Apollo. The club's colours were blue and white. The crest of Arisvaios Kalloni were vertical strips in green and white colour, in the center of which were shown two runners. Up and down of strips, the name of the club was appeared.

Kalloni's original crest[edit]

Initially, it had been decided the colours of the new club to be green and white. After a malfunction of a printer, the green colours were printed in crimson. The executives of the club felt that this change would bring luck, so this variation was finally maintained.

There were two other variations, the one in blue and white and the other in yellow and blue.


A new crest was created in 2011 summer. It is a circle that in its interior has crimson and white vertical stripes and in its center there is a blue shield with two handshaking hands in laurel leaves at the bottom of which is written the establishment year, much like the original logo. In the exterior of the circle, the club's full name is indicated with white letters in blue background.


Kalloni uses the Mytilene Municipal Stadium. Until then, they used Kostas Kenteris stadium, situated in Kalloni. The stadium was built in 2002. It had one tier in its west, with a capacity about 900, all-seated. In 2010, when Kalloni promoted to Football League 2, some necessary repairs were made in order to make it appropriate for the proper conduct of matches. In 2009 a secondary field was constructed for training the first team and its academies. From 2011–12 season, the Mytilene Municipal Stadium has been made the club's home, because of the unsuitability of their physical home.



Retired Numbers[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
8 Brazil MF Luciano de Souza

Club officials[edit]

  • Owner & Chairman: Greece Nikos Michalakis
AEL Kalloni Football Club
  • Chief Executive Officer: Greece Prokopis Kartalis
  • General Manager: Greece Dimitris Aggelonias
Coaching and medical staff
  • Head coach: Greece Dimitris Gavalas
  • Assistant manager: TBA
  • Goalkeepers' coach: Greece Giannis Georgiadis
  • Fitness trainer: Greece Panagiotis Konomaras
  • Club doctor: Greece Dimitris Varvagiannis

Managerial history[edit]

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