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An ant is a eusocial insect that belongs to the same order as wasps and bees.

Ant, Ants, or ANT may refer to:

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  • Adam Ant (born 1954), real name Stuart Leslie Goddard, a British musician
  • Ant, nickname abbreviated from the given name Anthony/Antony
    • Ant Henson (born 1989), a British singer-songwriter
    • Ant (comedian) or Anthony Steven Kalloniatis (born 1967), an American stand-up comedian and actor
    • Ant (producer) or Anthony Davis (born 1970), an American record producer and member of Rhymesayers
    • Anthony McPartlin (born 1975), an English television presenter, one half of the duo Ant & Dec
    • Anthony Phillips (born 1951), a British guitarist with the band Genesis
    • Antony Harding or ANT (fl. c. 2000), a British musician
  • Ants (given name), an Estonian given name

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