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A Cellarful of Motown! is a series of compilation albums of Motown rarities, containing versions of known songs by alternative artists, as well as demos of songs that were not released at the time, but had been shelved for various reasons.

Compiled by Paul Nixon the series ran for 4 volumes before being cancelled by Universal Records. Some of them had failed to pass the selections by Motown executives, in other cases Motown's owner Berry Gordy had his personal reasons to withhold releases. Four examples out of many:

  • "Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead" was a hit for The Marvelettes, but appears in a version by The Contours.
  • Likewise, Smokey Robinsons "My Heart", once a minor hit for Carolyn Crawford, is in this compilation performed by Tammi Terrell.
  • From Patrice Holloway only one single was released by Motown; two demos she made for the company appear in this compilation.
  • The Spinners' original song "Too Late I Learned" was recorded but never released, not as a single nor as an album track

Volume 1[edit]

A Cellarful of Motown! Volume 1
A Cellarful of Motown Volume 1.jpg
Compilation album by
ReleasedJuly 30, 2002 (2002-07-30)[1]
RecordedJuly 2, 1962 (1962-07-02) – December 1, 1969 (1969-12-01)[2]
GenreSoul, funk
Various chronology
A Cellarful of Motown! Volume 1
Volume 2
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic5/5 stars[2]

Source: Classic Motown, Allmusic[1][2]

Disc One[edit]

No.TitlePerforming Artist(s)Length
1."Baby a Go-Go"Barbara McNair2:49
2."All Your Love"Brenda Holloway3:24
3."He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'"Earl Van Dyke2:33
4."Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead"The Contours2:38
5."Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)"Chris Clark2:30
6."Baby Hit and Run"The Contours3:02
7."How Can I"Brenda Holloway2:40
8."I Like Everything About You"The Contours2:54
9."All I Do Is Think About You"Tammi Terrell2:59
10."Lucky, Lucky Me"Jimmy Ruffin2:53
11."On the Avenue (In the Neighborhood)"Jimmy Ruffin2:27
12."My World Is Crumbling"Brenda Holloway3:09
13."Poor Little Rich Girl"The Marvelettes2:47
14."Save My Love for a Rainy Day"Marv Johnson2:54
15."Tell Me It's Just a Rumour Baby" (Instrumental)The Funk Brothers3:24
16."If You Ever Get Your Hands on Love"Gladys Knight & the Pips2:55
17."Are You Sure Love Is the Name of the Game"Stevie Wonder2:38
18."Until You Came Along"Caroline Crawford2:25
19."Before It's Over"Sammy Ward2:54
20."Long Gone Lover"The Velvelettes2:32

Disc Two[edit]

No.TitlePerforming Artist(s)Length
1."My Sugar Baby"Frank Wilson2:41
2."Here Are the Pieces of Broken Heart" (Single reference mix)Gladys Knight & the Pips2:49
3."There's a Definite Change in You"The Temptations2:45
4."Who You Gonna Run To"Brenda Holloway3:13
5."(It's Easy to Fall in Love) With a Guy Like You"Martha and the Vandellas2:16
6."Touch of Venus"Patrice Holloway2:49
7."I Wish I Liked You (As Much as I Love You)"Marvin Gaye2:43
8."Trapped in a Love Affair"Brenda Holloway2:19
9."I Know How to Love Her"Jimmy Ruffin2:44
10."Riding High on Love"Junior Walker & the All Stars2:37
11."Why When Love Is Gone"The Originals2:52
12."If This World Were Mine" (Single reference mix)The Fantastic Four2:54
13."Don't Let Me Down"Kim Weston3:02
14."Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today" (Extended single mix)The Monitors3:47
15."(Tell Me) Ain't It the Truth"J. J. Barnes2:49
16."You Made Me Feel Like (Everything Is Alright)"Syreeta2:39
17."Weakspot in My Heart"The Isley Brothers2:41
18."Don't Make Me Live Without Your Love"The Lewis Sisters2:59
19."It Must Be Love Baby"Chuck Jackson and Yvonne Fair2:41
20."Ain't No Place Like Motown"The Velvelettes3:19

Volume 2[edit]

A Cellarful of Motown! Volume 2
A Cellarful of Motown Volume 2.jpg
Compilation album by
ReleasedJuly 4, 2005 (2005-07-04)[3]
RecordedSeptember 10, 1964 (1964-09-10) – January 23, 1970 (1970-01-23)[4]
GenreSoul, funk
Various chronology
Volume 1
A Cellarful of Motown! Volume 2
Volume 3
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[4]

Source: Discogs, Allmusic[3][4]

Disc one[edit]

No.TitlePerforming Artist(s)Length
1."All Day All Night"Earl Van Dyke2:32
2."Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)"Eddie Holland2:46
3."Everyday I'll Love You More Than Yesterday"Gladys Knight & the Pips2:24
4."Everytime I See You, I Go Wild!"J. J. Barnes2:58
5."My Two Arms – You = Tears"The Elgins2:30
6."Keep Stepping (Never Look Back)"Caroline Crawford2:24
7."Take My Hand"The Dalton Boys2:50
8."Boy from Crosstown" (Alternative mix)The Marvelettes2:44
9."I Can't Get Along Without You"The Monitors2:42
10."I Gave Up Quality for Quantity"Stevie Wonder2:51
11."Start With Joy in the Morning"Martha and the Vandellas3:10
12."What Am I Gonna Do Without You"The Detroit Spinners2:33
13."After the Rain"Kim Weston2:11
14."Let's Talk It Over"Marv Johnson2:22
15."Choo Choo Train"Little Lisa2:20
16."I've Got to Get Away"Tommy Good2:41
17."Show Girl"The Vows3:10
18."In the Dark"The Creations2:33
19."Love, Trouble, Heartache and Misery"Hattie Littles2:31
20."Positively Absolutely Right"The Temptations2:00
21."Woman Just Won't Do Right"Shorty Long3:20
22."Sound Clip"Various3:59

Disc two[edit]

No.TitlePerforming Artist(s)Length
1."Honey Bee (Keep Stinging Me)" (Out on the Floor mix)Diana Ross and the Supremes2:30
2."Everybody Needs Somebody (I Need You)"J. J. Barnes2:39
3."Hoping the Pause Is Helping the Cause"Smokey Robinson & the Miracles3:10
4."Baby Baby I'm in Love Again"Debbie Dean2:28
5."I Can't Go on Sharing Your Love"The Isley Brothers3:08
6."Breakaway"The Lewis Sisters2:31
7."It's a Lonely World Without Your Love"Four Tops2:46
8."Midnight Johnny"Connie Haines2:58
9."Take Him Back If It Makes You Happy"The Contours2:30
10."Sweet Lovin'"Chris Clark2:51
11."My Springtime"Terry Johnson2:31
12."Lone, Lonely Town"Martha and the Vandellas2:50
13."Nothing in This World Like My Baby"The Originals2:53
14."Words"The Monitors2:42
15."You've Got to Pay the Price"The Supremes3:27
16."Where Is the Love"Rita Wright2:54
17."Rescue Me"Blinky2:40
18."Those DJ Shows"Patrice Holloway2:33
19."My Heart"Tammi Terrell2:56
20."I Hope You Have Better Luck Than I Did"The Marvelettes2:51
21."Crying Game"Brenda Holloway2:16
22."Sound Clip"Various3:28

Volume 3[edit]

A Cellarful of Motown! Volume 3
A Cellarful of Motown Volume 3.jpg
Compilation album by
ReleasedOctober 15, 2007 (2007-10-15)[5]
GenreSoul, funk
Various chronology
Volume 2
A Cellarful of Motown! Volume 3
Volume 4

Source: Discogs, Allmusic[5][6]

Disc one[edit]

No.TitlePerforming Artist(s)Length
1."You're Walking Out with My Heart"Brenda Holloway2:59
2."This Love Will Never Die"The Miracles2:19
3."Get Ready"San Remo Golden Strings2:48
4."Love Is Good"The Marvelettes2:44
5."Jealousy Is Creeping Up on Me"The Contours2:46
6."Easier Said Than Done"Dennis Edwards2:55
7."At the Go Go"Stevie Wonder3:33
8."Memories of Her Love Keep Haunting Me"The Spinners2:30
9."I'm in Love Again"Shorty Long2:21
10."I Can't Let Him Go"Yvonne Fair2:52
11."Come On and See Me"Chris Clark2:40
12."Never Give You Up"Blinky & Edwin Starr3:02
13."Just Too Much to Hope For"The Monitors2:39
14."(Loving You) Is Hurting Me"The Fantastic Four3:33
15."SOS Girl in Distress"Marv Johnson3:13
16."Thief of Love"Oma Page2:03
17."Too Young, Too Long"Caroline Crawford2:39
18."You Stay on My Mind"Clarence Paul2:24
19."Come Back My Love"The Temptations2:49
20."A Chance with You"Marvin Gaye2:17
21."Watch Your Step"Mike Varo3:21
22."The Boy from Crosstown"The Marvelettes3:02

Disc two[edit]

No.TitlePerforming Artist(s)Length
1."We'll Keep On Rolling"Brenda Holloway2:19
2."I Can't Help Loving You Baby"The Contours2:46
3."I'm Here Now That You Need Me"J. J. Barnes2:45
4."Judge's Daughter"The Originals2:33
5."Something About You"Debbie Dean2:45
6."Soldier of Love"Four Tops3:30
7."I'm Gonna Get You"Gladys Knight & the Pips2:08
8."Don't Stop Loving Me"Ivy Jo Hunter2:48
9."Sweet Sweet Love"The Lollipops2:49
10."I'm Doing the Best I Can"Junior Walker & the All Stars2:56
11."Cindy"Bobby Taylor3:55
12."Little Girls Grow Up"The Marvelettes2:43
13."Too Late I Learned"The Spinners2:37
14."Beware of a Stranger"Rita Wright2:40
15."You Took Me This Far (Take Me All the Way)"Edwin Starr2:47
16."Can I Get a Witness"Blinky2:13
17."(There's Always Room For) Love in a Movie"Bob Kayli3:05
18."Farewell Is a Lonely Sound"Paul Peterson2:42
19."You've Made Me So Very Happy"Little Miss Soul3:06
20."Honey Hut"Shorty Long2:57
21."Honey Boy"Little Lisa2:43
22."This Is Goodbye"The Headliners2:38
23."Going to a Go-Go"Brenda Holloway and The Supremes2:52

Volume 4[edit]

A Cellarful of Motown! Volume 4
A Cellarful of Motown Volume 4.jpg
Compilation album by
ReleasedSeptember 7, 2010 (2010-09-07)[7]
RecordedFebruary 24, 1971 (1971-02-24) – September 21, 1971 (1971-09-21)[8]
GenreSoul, funk
Various chronology
Volume 3
A Cellarful of Motown! Volume 4
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[8]

Source: Soulsource, Allmusic[8][9]

Disc one[edit]

No.TitlePerforming Artist(s)Length
1."Kidnapped"The Blackberries2:46
2."Keep on Tryin' ('Til You Find Love)"The Fantastic Four3:17
3."Your Kiss Kiss"Marvin Gaye, Oma Heard2:24
4."My Baby Moves Me"Brenda Holloway2:33
5."Cool Cool Baby"Junior Walker & the All Stars3:01
6."The Girl I've Chosen to Be My Bride"Joe Stubbs2:55
7."You Didn't Show Girl"The Temptations2:53
8."My Baby Changes Like the Weather"The Vows2:40
9."Doctor of Love"The Monitors2:57
10."All I Need Is a Chance"Robert Dobyne2:18
11."The Day You Take One (You Have to Take the Other)"Gladys Knight & the Pips2:41
12."Ain't Gonna Tell You"Frank Wilson2:08
13."Dancing U.S.A."The Contours2:25
14."That's the Way I See Him"The Marvelettes2:44
15."Have a Little Patience (And Wait)"Mary Wells2:47
16."Three Time Loser"Marvin Gaye2:39
17."Lead Me and Guide Me"Holland-Dozier2:35
18."It's Company Time"The Versatones2:58
19."Twin Brother"Eddie Holland2:51
20."Think of the Times"Caroline Crawford2:35
21."You're What's Happening Baby"Four Tops3:11
22."I'll Turn to Stone"Dennis Edwards2:24
23."I Need You More Now Than Ever"Paul Williams3:40
24."Daddy, Cool"Oma Heard2:49
25."The Real You"Barbara McNair3:06

Disc two[edit]

No.TitlePerforming Artist(s)Length
1."Miss Lonely Heart"Martha and the Vandellas2:26
2."The House That Jack Built"J. J. Barnes2:36
3."The Philly Dog"Earl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers3:02
4."Whole Lot of Shakin' in My Heart (Since I Met You)"The Utopians3:08
5."Only a Lonely Man Would Know"Ivy Jo Hunter3:00
6."It's Gonna Be Always"Blinky2:59
7."Somebody's Waiting for Me"The Contours2:51
8."A Bird in the Hand (Is Worth Two in the Bush)"Gladys Knight & The Pips3:04
9."Don't Let Me Be Lonely"Tammi Terrell3:01
10."Why Don't You Come Home"Stevie Wonder2:56
11."You Can Do It"The Miracles2:31
12."You Gave Me Love to Live For"Debbie Dean2:27
13."Head over Heels in Love with You Baby"The Spinners2:31
14."I'd Cry"Chuck Jackson2:57
15."In the Summer"The Lollipops3:14
16."Just Let Me Thank You for Loving Me"The Originals3:23
17."I Feel Like I'm Falling in Love Again"Dennis Edwards2:58
18."Sock It Too 'Um"Junior Walker & the All Stars2:56
19."Take Him Back If It Makes You Happy"The Fantastic Four2:34
20."Born to Be Bad"Edwin Starr3:10
21."She's All I Need (In This World)"Marv Johnson3:00
22."Mobile Lil the Dancing Witch"Shorty Long2:33
23."Hey Girl, Come on Do the Pearl"The Agents2:56
24."In the Cool of the Night"David Ruffin3:03
25."Little Miss Loser"Brenda Holloway2:29


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