A Kiss from Mary Pickford

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A Kiss From Mary Pickford
Movie poster
Directed by Sergei Komarov
Starring Igor Ilyinsky
Anel Sudakevich
Mary Pickford
Douglas Fairbanks
Vera Malinovskaya
Cinematography Sergei Komarov[1]
Distributed by Mezhrabpom-Rus
Release dates
September 9, 1927 (1927-09-09)
Running time
6 reels
Country Soviet Union
Language Silent film
Russian intertitles
A Kiss from Mary Pickford

A Kiss From Mary Pickford (Russian: Поцелуй Мэри Пикфорд - Potseluy Meri Pikford) (1927) is a comedy film made in the Soviet Union, directed by Sergei Komarov and co-written by Komarov and Vadim Shershenevich. The film, starring Igor Ilyinsky, is mostly known today because of a cameo by the popular film couple Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. The footage of the couple was shot during their visit to the USSR, with the couple knowingly participating[citation needed] as a gesture towards the Russian film industry. [2]

The film was shown during the Berlin International Film Festival in February 1991 and at San Francisco Silent Film Festival Winter Festival at the Castro Theatre in February 2009.

A print exists in the Library of Congress.[3]


Goga Palkin is a theatre check-taker in love with an beginner actress named Dusya. She has a crush on Douglas Fairbanks and only wants to date someone famous like a Hollywood star. After a chance meeting and a kiss from Mary Pickford, Goga becomes a local celebrity, and a lot of girls chase him through the streets. The popularity of her admirer makes Dusya jealous, and she falls for him.[3]


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