A Sidewalk Astronomer

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A Sidewalk Astronomer
Directed by Jeffrey Jacobs
Starring John Lowry Dobson
Music by John Angier
Cinematography Jeffrey Jacobs
Edited by Jeanne Vitale
Release date
Running time
79 minutes
Country United States
Language English

A Sidewalk Astronomer is a 2005 documentary film about former Vedanta monk and amateur astronomer John Dobson. The film follows Dobson to state parks, astronomy clubs, and downtown streets as he promotes awareness of astronomy through his own personal style of sidewalk astronomy. The documentary includes voice overs by Dobson himself promoting his unorthodox views on religion and cosmology.


  • Produced and directed: Jeffrey Fox Jacobs
  • Director of photography: Jeffrey Fox Jacobs
  • Editor: Jeanne Vitale
  • Music: John Angier
  • Release: Jacobs Entertainment Inc
  • Running time: 78 minutes


"An inspiring film about an inspired teacher".. New York Times


Shown at: Tribeca Film Festival 2005 ; Singapore Film Festival 2005; Maine Film Festival 2005; Avignon Film Festival 2005 ; Green Mountain Film Festival 2006

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