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Gender Male
Meaning servant

Abdi is a male name. It is a given name with many origins in many countries including Arabic. Among others, one version has Arabic as origin, while another is of Biblical origin.

Arabic origin Abdi[edit]

While Arabic speakers commonly use Abdu (عبده‎ / عبدو ʿabdu) rather than Abdi, both are nicknames for Abdul. It originates from the Arabic word عبد ال ʿabd al- / ʿabd el- / ʿabd ul-. The name translates as "servant"[1] or "slave" in reference to religious submission to Allah (God). As such, it is often used by Muslims around the world in conjunction with one of the names of God in Islam, but also sometimes on its own.[1]

Biblical Abdi[edit]

Abdi is also the name of three men in the Hebrew Bible

Given name[edit]


See also[edit]

  • Abdu, a nickname for the compound name or a given name. In this case it's not necessarily a name given to a Muslim
  • Abdul for further explanation
  • Abidi, a surname which refers to the descendants of Zayn al-Abidin
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