About That Life

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About That Life
About That Life.jpg
Studio album by Attila
Released June 25, 2013
Studio The Foundation Estate, 37 Studios
Genre Nu metalcore, rap metal, deathcore
Length 36:37
Label Artery
Producer Joey Sturgis
Attila chronology
About That Life
Guilty Pleasure
(2014)Guilty Pleasure2014
Digital cover
Attila About That Life alternate cover.jpg
Singles from About That Life
  1. "Party with the Devil"
    Released: October 30, 2012[1]
  2. "About That Life"
    Released: June 25, 2013
  3. "Shots for the Boys"
    Released: November 13, 2013[2]

About That Life is the fourth full-length studio album by American metalcore band Attila. The album was originally released on June 25, 2013, through Artery Recordings. It is the band's third release on the label.

The album is the second by the band to be produced by Joey Sturgis, who has previously worked with such bands as The Devil Wears Prada, Emmure, We Came as Romans and Asking Alexandria.


Critical response[edit]

The album has been met with mostly indifferent reviews. Critics panned the CD on a number of fronts, from the musicianship, production, and lyrical content, however it has been highly praised by fans.[citation needed]

MetalSucks says "Totally obsessed with superficial bullshit, Chris 'Fronz' Fronzak seemingly can't help but leave a trail of douche slime everywhere he goes."[3][4]

AllMusic states that "About That Life, from Southern-fried party-metalcore outfit Attila, sounds a little like Hinder, G.B.H., and Disturbed gave birth to a stillborn child and then had Fred Durst reanimate it."[4][5]

Metal Injection says that one of the songs off of the album is "the worst thing I've ever heard. Clearly, the guy who wrote these lyrics must have attention deficit disorder."[4][6]

Decibel writes that "Attila are one of those party douchebag bands who add dance beats, homophobia, misogyny, and rapping skills whiter than newly fallen snow to down-tuned junk metal, and guys to perform inane, generic, sterile chugcore just so the singer can get his rocks off on weird fantasies where he's a badass bitch-fucker."[4][7]

Alternative Press says "Some bands are so breathtakingly stupid they tumble forward into a kind of genius."[8]

The Westboro Baptist Church has scheduled a protest against the band in response to the song "Callout," whose lyrics include "Hey, Westboro Baptist, fuck you too. Come and protest this dick, faggots." The WBC Fliers Twitter account tweeted "Due to special invitation from @FRONZ1LLA, Westboro Baptist Church to picket deathcore band @ATTILAga in Bonner Springs, KS @CWAKC on 7/23."[9]

Despite the harsh reviews, Artistdirect reviewer Rick Florino says About That Life "is a fucking blast. It's [a] beer-cracking, skull-snapping, and ass-shaking good time from Atlanta's wildest crew."[10]

Commercial performance[edit]

About That Life had the highest number of first week sales of any Attila album up until that point, with 14,271 albums sold. It debuted at number 22 on Billboard 200, number 5 on Billboard's Independent Albums chart, number 4 on the Hard Rock Albums chart, and number 5 on the Rock Albums chart.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Middle Fingers Up" 2:37
2. "Hellraiser" 2:56
3. "Rageaholics" 3:00
4. "Backtalk" 3:04
5. "Leave a Message" 0:47
6. "About That Life" 3:06
7. "Thug Life" 2:47
8. "Break Shit" 2:59
9. "Gimmicks & Lie$" 1:09
10. "Callout" 2:29
11. "Unforgivable" 3:22
12. "Shots for the Boys" 2:41
13. "Party with the Devil" (Re-Recorded) 3:19
14. "The New Kings" 3:20
Total length: 37:36



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