Abraham & Lincoln

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Abraham & Lincoln
Directed byPramod Pappan
StarringKalabhavan Mani, Rahman
Music byBalachandran Chullikkad (lyrics)
Release date

Abraham & Lincoln is a 2007 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Pramod Pappan with Kalabhavan Mani and Rahman starring in the lead roles.[1][2]


Abraham investigates the death of his sister. Along the way, he discovers some shocking information that strengthens his determination to find his sister's killer. He becomes a goonda (hired thug) and infiltrates the mafia. At the same time, a young police officer called Lincoln begins investigating the same mafia that Abraham has just joined. Lincoln suspects that they are to blame for ruining his sister's life. Abraham's life takes an unexpected turn as he joins forces with Lincoln in an effort to take the criminals down.



The song has been taken from a Malayalam film "Abraham & Lincoln."


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