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Acid (often written ACID; Burmese: အက်စစ်, Burmese pronunciation: [ʔɛʔ sɪʔ]) is a Burmese hip hop group often credited with releasing Burma's first hip hop album, Beginning, in 2000. Two of the group's founders were later imprisoned for the group's allegedly pro-democracy lyrics.


Acid was founded by Zayar Thaw, Annaga, Hein Zaw and Yan Yan Chan.[1][2] In 2000, Acid released Burma's first hip-hop album, Beginning. Despite predictions of failure by many in the Burmese music industry, Beginning remained in the number one position of the Burmese charts for more than two months.[2] A Democratic Voice of Burma reporter described the group's music as blending a "combative, angry style with indigenous poeticism".[3]

The band's repertoire has been said to contain many "thinly veiled attacks" on Burma's military government, the State Peace and Development Council.[4] The Independent stated that while the band "focused on the mundane, their lyrics inevitably touched on the hardships of life in Burma, drawing them into dangerous territory." [5]

Arrests of Acid members[edit]

On 12 March 2008, Zayar Thaw was arrested at a Yangon restaurant with friends on charges relating to his involvement in the youth pro-democracy movement Generation Wave.[6] In April, Yan Yan Chan was also arrested.[7] Although it was widely reported in English pro-democracy papers that he was arrested in relation to democracy activities, he actually arrested on drug charges. (Acid's 4th member Hein Zaw also died from a drug overdose)

Zayar Thaw was allegedly beaten during his interrogation.[8] On 20 November 2008, he was sentenced to five years' imprisonment for breaking State Law and Order Restoration Council Law No. 6/88,[6] "illegal organizing under the Unlawful Association Act".[9] Amnesty International described this statute as "a vaguely worded law whose sweeping provisions can be interpreted as making it illegal to set up any kind of organization".[8] He was given an additional year's imprisonment for possession of foreign currency, as he had been carrying approximately $20 USD in Thai baht, Singapore dollars, and Malaysian ringgit at the time of his arrest.[8] He served his sentence at Kawthaung prison.[6] Amnesty International named him a prisoner of conscience and called for his immediate release.[10]

After nearly a year's detention, Yan Yan Chan was released without charges on 7 January 2009.[11] Zayar Thaw was pardoned and released on 17 May 2011.[12]


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