Adèle de Ponthieu (Piccinni)

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Adèle de Ponthieu is a French-language opera by the composer Niccolò Piccinni, first performed at the Académie Royale de Musique, Paris (the Paris Opera) on 27 October 1781, to inaugurate the new venue of the theatre near the Saint-Martin gate.[1] It takes the form of a tragédie lyrique in three acts. The libretto, by Jean-Paul-André des Rasins de Saint-Marc, had been previously set by the composers Jean-Benjamin de La Borde and Pierre Montan Berton in 1772.


Cast Voice type Premiere
27 October 1781[2]
Guillaume III, Count of Ponthieu basse-taille (bass-baritone) Henri Larrivée
Adèle, the Count's daughter soprano Marie-Joséphine Laguerre
Alphonse of Est, an Italian knight bass-baritone Moreau
Raimond de Mayenne, a relative of the Count and a humble squire haute-contre Joseph Legros
Gérard d'Alsace, an old Knight, judge of the camp bass-baritone Auguste-Athanase (Augustin) Chéron
Enguerrand de Couci, another old Knight, judge of the camp haute-contre Cavalies (or Cavalier)
Renaud de Sarcus, another old Knight, judge of the camp baritone Louis-Claude-Armand Chardin ("Chardiny")
A lady of the court/a troubadour soprano Anne-Marie Jeanne Gavaudan, l'ainée (the Elder)
Ladies of the court sopranos Gertrude Girardin, Thaunat, Rosalie, Ancé
Chorus: The court of the Count, knights, squires, pages, king of arms, heralds, officers of the joust, fiddlers, jongleurs, youths and girls, people


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