Adam Fielding

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Adam Fielding
Origin United Kingdom
Occupation(s) Music producer
Years active 1995-present
Labels Distinctive Records
Lost Language

Adam Fielding is a UK-based electronic music producer and composer.


Starting in 1995, Fielding began writing music using a combination of an Atari STe computer running Protracker software. Although this started out as more of a hobby to support his interest in games programming, his interest in music led him to start experimenting further with tracker music in 1997/98.[1] His developing interest in music led to him studying a BSc in music production at the University of Huddersfield in 2005. While studying at university, he began to incorporate more live instrumentation into his music.[2] In 2008 he released his debut LP (Distant Activity) independently.[3]

Following this independent release, Fielding released a free online single in 2009 (From Out Of Nowhere),[4] followed by another single in 2010 (Lost In Silence) through the social network record label solarSwarm.[5]

Fielding released a second album in 2010 (Lightfields).[6] Following the release of Lightfields, both Distant Activity and Lightfields were signed to and re-distributed through Distinctive Records.[7][8] In 2012 he released an album of selected ambient works (And All Is As It Should Be) through Lost Language Recordings, featuring original tracks and re-workings of existing material in a more cinematic style.[9] This was followed by an album of instrumental tracks written for film, TV, and games (Chase The Light), which was released in 2012 through FiXT.[10]

Fielding re-united with Distinctive Records in 2013 to release the full-length album Icarus,[11] which was preceded by a single of the same name[12] featuring The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.


  • The Dawn EP - 2008
  • Distant Activity - 2008
  • From Out of Nowhere - 2009
  • Lost In Silence - 2010
  • Lightfields - 2010
  • Chase The Light - 2012
  • And All Is As It Should Be - 2012
  • Icarus - 2013
  • Pieces - 2014
  • AdFi (as AdFi) - 2014
  • Obscurer - 2015
  • The Broken Divide -2016

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