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FiXT Music
Founded 2006
Founder Klayton
Distributor(s) Symphonic Distribution
Genre Electronic rock, electronica, industrial
Country of origin US
Location Detroit. Michigan, US
Official website

FiXT is an American independent media company with several divisions including a record label, an online music store, a film/TV/video game music licensing arm, and a remix contest site and community.[1] FiXT was founded and is owned by Klayton, a musician most known for his electronic rock project Celldweller.


FiXT started in 2006 as an outgrowth of Esion Media, the name under which Klayton published his earliest Celldweller material. After years of trouble with distributors over how to properly handle Celldweller's unique brand of music, Klayton decided to take the same approach to record labels as he did with his music and handle the matter himself.[2]

Some of the first releases on FiXT were remix compilations for Celldweller tracks that were called the Take It & Break It series. The remixes were solicited from fans who could download and remix the song files for free. Out of this series grew FiXT Remix, a separate site that regularly hosts remix contests for artists signed to FiXT or carried in the FiXT Store.[3]

FiXT released a remix EP for the artists lvl, as well a single for ex-Celldweller guitarist Kem's band Subkulture (which Klayton was featured on),[4] and the subsequent remix album for the contest hosted by FiXT Remix. FiXT's first officially signed band was Blue Stahli,[2] an artist with a similar sound and one-man approach to music as Klayton.[2] Over the next few years FiXT began expanding its record label division by signing more artists, such as Josh Money, Rockman,[5] Atlas Plug, Moonitor & Squarehead.[1]

FiXT began expanding its storefront division by hosting a selection of merchandise from various producers and DJs, such as BT, Deadmau5, Datsik, Dynasty Electric, Excision and Nero,[6] as well as rock related artists, such as Asking Alexandria and Enter Shikari.[7] FiXT also began to be an outlet for multiple alternative fashion based companies such as Bleeding Star Clothing, Shrapnel Streetwear and Dubstep Clothing.[8]

In June 2012, FiXT branched out into publishing with the release of Josh Viola's five-time award-winning sci-fi/fantasy novel The Bane of Yoto.[9][10] As Viola began looking for publishers for his novel, he reached out to several bands to use their music on a partnered iOS app that would feature his book in comic book format. In reaching out to Celldweller for music licensing, he got put in touch with FiXT, who seemed interested in The Bane of Yoto and decided to act as publisher for its release.[11]

In August 2012, FiXT hosted a video game-editing contest on YouTube to help promote the release of Celldweller's Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 2, by having gamers submit edited footage synced to the song "First Person Shooter".[12]


The label distributes music to a variety of film, TV, and video game projects. It does this by hiring a team of people who send requests to various people or answer them filed by others.[13][14]

FiXT Store Artists[edit]

FiXT Store sells merchandise for the following artists:[15]


Artist Name Type Release date yyyy/mm/dd
Celldweller Take It and Break It Vol. 1 (Own Little World Remixes) Remix album 2007/05/29
Fluffy Starr Come On! Studio album 2007/10/31
lvl Home Re:Mix EP 2007/11/27
Subkulture "Erasus" Single 2007/11/15
Celldweller Take It and Break It Vol. 2 (Frozen Remixes) Remix album 2007/12/12
Subkulture Erasus Remixes Remix album 2008/05/06
Blue Stahli "Kill Me Every Time" Single 2008/05/27
Atlas Plug 2 Days or Die Studio album 2004/02/25 (re-issued, 2008)
Celldweller Take It and Break It Vol. 3 (Switchback Remixes) Remix album 2008/08/17
Squarehead "Stop, Drop & Roll (featuring XINA)" Single 2008/10/07
Deprogrammed A World Grown Extinct EP 2008/10/14
Squarehead "Rockin' (featuring Zombie Girl)" Single 2008/11/04
Atlas Plug Around the World EP 2008/12/08
Celldweller Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 1 Instrumental album 2008/12/16
Blue Stahli "Scrape" Single 2008/12/16
Blue Stahli Antisleep Vol.1 Instrumental album 2008/12/20
Deprogrammed A Descent into the Darkness Studio album 2009/01/05
Squarehead Stop, Drop & Roll Remix EP 2009/01/06
The Luna Sequence Underneath EP 2009/01/22
The Rabid Whole Autraumaton Studio album 2009/03/03
Various FiXT Remix Compilation 2009 Compilation album 2009/03/17
I Will Never Be the Same Standby Studio album 2009/04/01
Blue Stahli ULTRAnumb Single 2009/05/04
Celldweller Afraid This Time Remixes Remix album 2009/06/02
Celldweller The Last Firstborn Remixes Remix album 2009/06/02
Celldweller Fadeaway Remixes Remix album 2009/06/15
Celldweller Welcome to the End Remixes Remix album 2009/06/15
Celldweller I Believe You Remixes Remix album 2009/07/14
Celldweller Under My Feet Remixes Remix album 2009/07/14
Celldweller Wish Upon a Blackstar Ch. 01 Studio album 2009/08/25
Blue Stahli "Throw Away" Single 2009/08/25
The Luna Sequence They Follow You Home Studio album 2009/08/25
Various FiXT Remix vs. XXX Car Ride Compilation album 2009/10/06
Celldweller Wish Upon a Blackstar Ch. 02 Studio album 2009/12/08
Blue Stahli "Anti You" Single 2009/12/08
Squarehead Voltage Controlled Body Music Studio album 2010/03/16
Moonitor To the Past from the Future in the Present Studio album 2010/04/27
Blue Stahli "Corner" Single 2010/04/27
Celldweller Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 2, Ch. 01 Instrumental album 2010/06/10
Celldweller Wish Upon a Blackstar Ch. 03 Studio album 2010/07/12
The Luna Sequence After Sunfall EP 2010/07/27
I Will Never Be the Same Worldless: The FiXT Remixes Remix album 2010/10/12
Celldweller Cellout EP 01 EP 2011/01/25
The Rabid Whole Autraumaton Remixed Remix album 2011/02/08
Blue Stahli Blue Stahli Studio album 2011/03/02
Celldweller Wish Upon a Blackstar Ch. 04 Studio album 2011/06/28
The Luna Sequence Persona EP 2011/06/28
Blue Stahli "Smackdown" Single 2011/11/01
Celldweller The Complete Cellout Remix album 2011/12/16
Blue Stahli Antisleep Vol. 02 Instrumental album 2011/12/16
Celldweller Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 2, Ch. 02 Instrumental album 2012/02/14
I Will Never Be the Same Tornadoes Studio album 2012/02/21
Celldweller Live Upon a Blackstar Live album 2012/03/27
The Luna Sequence This is Bloodlust Studio album 2012/04/02
The Rabid Whole Refuge Studio album 2012/05/01
Celldweller "Unshakeable" Single 2012/05/15
Celldweller Wish Upon a Blackstar Ch. 05 Studio album 2012/06/12
Celldweller "Tough Guy" Single 2012/07/17
Celldweller Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 2, Ch. 03 Instrumental album 2012/07/24
Josh Money The Android Factory EP EP 2012/11/20
The Luna Sequence FiXT Remix Collection 2006-2010 Remix album 2012/12/11
Celldweller Space & Time EP 2012/12/13
Blue Stahli Antisleep Vol. 03 Instrumental album 2012/12/20
Varien Pick Your Poison Vol. 1 Instrumental album 2013/02/26
Josh Money Network Decay EP 2013/03/06
Blue Stahli B-Sides and Other Things I Forgot Compilation album 2013/04/07
The Luna Sequence The Day the Curse Grew Stronger Studio album 2013/04/23
OCTiV "Fatality" Single 2013/04/24
Blue Stahli Corner/Metamorphosis/Give Me Everything You've Got Remixes Remix album 2013/04/30
Blue Stahli "Never Dance Again" Single 2013/05/14
Josh Money CARVE Studio album 2013/06/04
Celldweller Celldweller 10 Year Anniversary Edition Studio album 2013/06/11
Josh Money Pink Mist EP 2013/07/09
Celldweller Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 03, Ch. 01 Instrumental album 2013/07/16
Scandroid "Salvation Code" Single 2013/08/06
Celldweller "Unshakeable (BT & Seamless Remix)" Single 2013/10/22
Josh Money Everybody's Watching EP EP 2013/11/19
Celldweller Zombie Killer EP 2013/11/22
Celldweller Blackstar Act One: Purified Score album 2013/12/03
OCTiV Infernal EP 2013/12/10
Scandroid "Datastream" Single 2013/12/13
Blue Stahli The Devil Ch. 01 Studio album 2013/12/17
Josh Money Oddhead EP EP 2014/01/21
Varien Pick Your Poison Vol. 2 Instrumental album 2014/01/26
Seamless Momentum EP EP 2014/03/18
Celldweller Gift for You/The Lucky One/Tainted Remixes Remix album 2014/05/06
Celldweller Demo Vault Vol. 01 Compilation album 2014/05/30
Celldweller Blackstar Act Two: Awakening Score 2014/06/03
The Luna Sequence Fearful Shepherds Hunt Their Sheep Studio album 2014/06/10
Blue Stahli "Ready Aim Fire" Single 2014/07/15
Blue Stahli The Devil Ch. 02 Studio album 2014/07/29
Scandroid "Empty Streets" Single 2014/08/05
Josh Money Odderhead EP EP 2014/09/02
Celldweller "End of an Empire" Single 2014/09/02
Celldweller Demo Vault Vol. 02 Compilation album 2014/09/05
Celldweller End of an Empire Ch. 01 Studio album 2014/09/16
The Rabid Whole Problems EP 2014/09/23
Scandroid "Aphelion" Single 2014/10/21
OCTiV INFERNAL.RMX Remix album 2014/10/30
SeamlessR The R Is Silent EP 2014/11/11
Celldweller "Down to Earth" Single 2014/11/26
Celldweller End of an Empire Ch. 02 Studio album 2014/12/05
Celldweller Transmissions: Vol. 01 Instrumental album 2014/12/23
Voicians "Empire" Single 2015/01/26
Blue Stahli "Not Over 'Til We Say So" Single 2015/02/16
Celldweller "Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked)" Single 2015/02/26
Celldweller End of an Empire Ch. 03 Studio album 2015/03/13
Sebastian Komor Invisible Cities Studio Album 2015/04/07
Sebastian Komor Machines of Destruction Studio Album 2015/04/08
Richy Nix "Senseless" Single 2015/04/24
I Will Never Be The Same "Skyhunter" Single 2015/04/27
Invocation Array A Color For Fiction Album 2015/04/27
Celldweller "The Imperial March" Single 2015/05/04
Celldweller Transmissions: Vol. 02 Instrumental album 2015/05/08
Blue Stahli Antisleep Vol. 04 (Ch. 01) Instrumental album 2015/06/04
Richy Nix "Erase You" Single 2015/06/23
Celldweller "New Elysium" Single 2015/07/03
Richy Nix "Watch Over Us" Single 2015/07/16
Celldweller End of an Empire Ch. 04 Studio album 2015/07/17
Richy Nix Fearless Studio album 2015/07/24
SeamlessR Jazz Fight Single 2015/08/07
Voicians Voicians (Part 1) Studio album 2015/08/27
Celldweller Blackstar (Original Score) Score album 2015/09/18
Blue Stahli The Devil Studio album 2015/10/02
Celldweller End of an Empire Studio album 2015/11/06
Scandroid "Pro-bots & Robophobes (feat. Circle of Dust)" Single 2016/01/8
SeamlessR Wizard Bass EP 2016/01/22
The Algorithm Brute Force Studio album 2016/04/01
Blue Stahli Metrocenter 84 Single 2016/06/3


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