Adel Ferdosipour

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Adel Ferdosipour
Adel Ferdosipour by Nasimonline (cropped).jpg
Born Adel Ferdosipour
(1974-10-02) 2 October 1974 (age 42)
Kerman, Iran
Residence Tehran, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Education Sharif University of Technology, Tehran
Occupation Television sports commentator
Employer IRIB & Sharif University of Technology
Home town Kerman
Adel Ferdosipour signature.svg

Adel Ferdosipour (Persian:عادل فروسی پور ; born 2 October 1974), is an Iranian journalist, translator,university teacher, football commentator and television show host and producer. He is the host and producer of the popular TV show Navad (ninety in Persian language, referencing the standard duration of an association football match). The TV show "Navad" has been on air for 17 years now. His parents are from Rafsanjan, a city in Kerman Province. He is an alumnus of Sharif University of Technology and PHD student of media management at University of Tehran and also a lecturer of professional language. Adel is a close friend of Ali Daei as they both attended the same university. He is a member and the captain of celebrities team in Iran.[1]


Adel Ferdosipour is considered to be one of the most popular public figures in Iran, due to his honesty, sincerity, and even questioning and disagreeing with high authority officials. His program, which airs on Monday nights, has an audience of over 30 million (40 million has also been stated by some sources). Newsweek Magazine considered Ferdosipour among 20 powerful persons of Iran in 2009 because of his widespread popularity.[2]



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