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Adelaide Arcade is a shopping arcade in the centre of Adelaide, South Australia.


Founded in 1885 with 50 stores, the arcade grew to over 100 shops through the addition of a balcony area in the 1960s.[1] It was one of the first buildings in South Australia to have electric-powered lights.[1]


The arcade is said to be haunted with at least three ghosts claimed to be on the premises. One of these ghosts, (believed to be Francis Cluney, an early caretaker of the arcade who died after falling into the electricity generator in 1887), was claimed to have been recorded on security footage in 2008.[2][3][4]


Grenfell Street entrance 
Rundle Mall entrance 
Interior of Adelaide Arcade 
Façade above the Rundle Mall entrance 
Rundle Street in 1938 


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