Adem Mikullovci

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Adem Mikullovci
Adem Mikullovci (cropped).jpg
Mikullovci speaking at a festival in 2012
Chairman of the Assembly
In office
29 June 2017 – 7 September 2017
Preceded byKadri Veseli
Succeeded byKadri Veseli
Personal details
Adem Mikullovci

December 21, 1937
Vushtrri, Albanian Kingdom (today Kosovo)
Died15 September 2020(2020-09-15) (aged 82)
Political partyVetëvendosje (2017–2020)
Spouse(s)Lumnije Mikullovci
OccupationActor, Politician

Adem Mikullovci (December 21, 1937 - 15 September 2020), born in Vushtrri, Albanian Kingdom, was a Kosovan actor and politician. He was a member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo. As an actor, he participated in the constellation of the actors of the former People's Provincial Theater of Kosovo (now Kosovo National Theater). After dropping out of studies at the Academy of Theater and Film in Belgrade in 1968, he returned to Pristina and started working at the theater. From that year (1968) to July 1990, Adem Mikullovci made a career with 45 main roles and about 70 roles in theatrical performances...

Born in Mitrovica

Theatrical career[edit]

Mikullovci belongs to the generation of Albanian actors of the former People's Provincial Theatre of Kosovo (now The National Theatre of Kosovo). After he terminated his studies at the Academy of Film and Theatre in Belgrade in 1968, he returned to the theater in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, and began his acting career. From that year 1968 up to 1990, he played 45 main and 70 supporting roles in plays in Albanian language, such as Waiting For Godot (1977), I'm Going To Hunt, The Man Who Saw His Death, Love, The Straw Hotel, End Of The World, Fly In The Ear, and Ervehe. Mikullovci was also the producer of several theatrical plays, including After Death (Cajupi), The Age of Whiteness (D. Agolli), Dan The Devil, Angel Of The Station, The Bed, and The Listener; a stand-up comedy produced in 2011.[1]

Political career[edit]

In 1990 he was among the deputies of the Kosovo Assembly who promulgated the Constitutional Declaration of 2 July.[2]

Mikullovci re-entered into politics when he joined Vetëvendosje in May 2017, a party he had been a long time supporter of.[3] In the 2017 Kosovan parliamentary election, he won a seat in parliament.[4] As the oldest person in parliament, he acted as the chairman of the assembly between June to September 2017 until full-time candidate Kadri Veseli was re-elected by parliament.


Mikullovci died at 12:20 am on September 15th, 2020. [5]


Mikullovci (left) as actor in Waiting for Godot and in the right as member of Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.


  1. Proka - 1984 Kosovafilm - acting
  2. Kur pranvera vonohet - 1980 Kosovafilm - acting
  3. Era dhe Lisi - 1979 Kosovafilm - acting
  4. Crveni udar - 1974 Kosovafilm - acting
  5. Kad sam bio vojnik - 1969 Zastava Film - acting

TV production[edit]

  1. Kafeneja jonë - (TV Show) - acting
  2. Oda e Junikut - (TV Show) - directing/acting
  3. Duke pritur Godon - 1977 (TV Show) - acting
  4. Ditari i Lec pazhecit - 1975 (Comedy) - acting
  5. Qesh e ngjesh - 1982 (TV Show)
  6. Gëzuar viti i ri - 1976 (TV Show)
  7. Burlesque - (Comedy) - directing/acting

Video production[edit]

  1. Vjeshtë e zymtë e profesor Nexhatit
  2. Kur do të kthehet Remziu
  3. Katunar e shehërli
  4. Mahmutovitët e Rexhepovitët
  5. Mëhalla jonë
  6. Qëndresa
  7. Sadri Llapjani
  8. Tëgjithë me ne
  9. Mësuesi
  10. Një pallto për babain tim në burg
  11. Një buqet buzqeshje
  12. Të gjithë me ne
  13. Martesa e Bariut
  14. Humor për Librin
  15. Një nuse për Lisin
  16. Çka Ka Shpija


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