Chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo

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Chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo
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Kadri Veseli

since 8 December 2014
Inaugural holder Nexhat Daci
Formation 10 December 2001
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The Chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo (Albanian: Kryetari i Kuvendit të Kosovës or Albanian: Kryeparlamentari, Serbian: Председник Скупштине Косова, transliterated Predsednik Skupštine Kosova, literally translated as President of the Assembly of Kosovo) is a post within the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government established by the United Nations administration in Kosovo to provide 'provisional, democratic self-government' in advance of a decision on the final status of Kosovo. The Chair of the Assembly chairs the sessions of the Assembly of Kosovo.

Chairmen of the Assembly of Kosovo[edit]

# Portrait Name
Term of Office Party
1 No image.png Nexhat Daci
(b. 1944)
10 December 2001 10 March 2006 Democratic League of Kosovo
2 Kole Berisha.jpg Kolë Berisha
(b. 1947)
10 March 2006 12 December 2007 Democratic League of Kosovo
3 No image.png Jakup Krasniqi
(b. 1951)
12 December 2007 17 July 2014 Democratic Party of Kosovo
(until 2014)
Civic Initiative for Kosovo
(from 2014)
4 No image.png Kadri Veseli
(b. 1967)
8 December 2014 Incumbent Democratic Party of Kosovo

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