Aden Legislative Council election, 1955

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Elections to the Legislative Council were held for the first time in the Colony of Aden in 1955. However, only four of the Council's 18 seats were elected.[1] Restrictions on suffrage were imposed linked to age, gender, property ownership and residency. With only around 5,000 people voting,[2] the restrictions ensured that only loyalists to the government were elected.[1] Following the elections there were protests over the suffrage limitations and calling for independence.[1]


The changes to the Colony's constitution were announced on 20 July 1955.[3] Membership of the Council was increased from 16 to 18, with one official and one unofficial member added.[3] The number of nominees was reduced from eight to five, one of whom would be chosen by the Governor to represent the business sector.[3]

Of the elected members, one was to be elected by members of Aden Municipal Council and three from single-member constituencies.[3]


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