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Adler is a surname of German origin meaning eagle, and has a frequency in the United Kingdom of less than 0.004%, and of 0.008% in the United States.[1] In Christian iconography, the eagle is the symbol of John the Evangelist, and as such a stylized eagle was commonly used as a house sign/totem in German speaking areas. From the tenement the term easily moved to its inhabitants, particularly to those having only one name. This phenomenon can be easily seen in German and Austrian censuses from the 16th and 17th centuries.[2] The term might have been assigned also as a name descriptive of character or outward characteristics.

Die Adler (the eagles) also is a nickname for the Germany national football team.

Notable Adlers[edit]

Actors, writers and producers[edit]

Engineers and scientists[edit]


  • Chris Adler (drummer) (born 1972), drummer of the metal band "Lamb of God"
  • Cisco Adler, the artist featured in all songs of the artist Shwayze
  • Guido Adler (1855–1941), Bohemian-Austrian musicologist and writer on music
  • Hans G. Adler (1904-1979), South African pianist, musicologist, and antique keyboard instrument collector
  • Henry Adler, American drum kit educator, player and actor
  • Hugo Chaim Adler (1896–1955), Belgian composer, cantor, and choir conductor
  • James Adler (born 1950), Composer and pianist from Chicago, Illinois
  • Julia Rebekka Adler (1978-), German violist.
  • Larry Adler (1914–2001), American musician, widely acknowledged as one of the world's most skilled harmonica players
  • Richard Adler (1921–2012), Jewish-American lyricist, composer and producer of several Broadway shows
  • Samuel Adler (born 1928), Jewish-American composer and conductor
  • Steven Adler (born 1965), a drummer for the hard rock band Guns N' Roses
  • Vincent Adler, Hungarian pianist, composer
  • Willie Adler (born 1976), guitarist of the metal band Lamb of God



Rabbis and theologians[edit]



Fictional characters[edit]


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