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Adnane Remmal (Arabic: عَدنان رِمَّال) is a Moroccan biology professor.[1] He is an expert for food and animal science.[2]


Remmal studied at the University of Fez, Morocco. After completing his biology degree he moved to France in 1982.[1] He continued his studies at the University of Sciences of Paris XI Orsay.[3] There he completed a postgraduate diploma in electrophysiology and cardiovascular pharmacology.[1] He also received a PhD in molecular pharmacology in 1987.[3]


After completing his PhD he moved back to Morocco. In 1988 he became a professor at the University of Fez. He was also a researcher and, in 1994, he received another PhD for his findings about the antimicrobial activity of essential oils.[1]

Remmal co-founded the companies Advanced Scientific Developments (ADS)[1] and Industrial Laboratory of Agricultural and Veterinary Products (LIPAV).[3]


In 2015 Remmal won the US$100 000 Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA).[4]

In 2017 he won the Popular Prize at the European Inventor Award.[5]


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