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Adria LNG is a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification terminal in Omišalj on the island of Krk, Croatia.


The project was first considered in 1995 when initial exploratory work was undertaken. A feasibility study was completed by 2008 and the location permit was issued in 2010 after environmental impact assessment was carried out.[1]

In October 2009, one of the project partners RWE moved out from the project.[2][3]


The terminal will provide additional source of natural gas for the Croatian market, which relies on natural gas for 48% of its energy needs. The terminal will also be a distribution point for natural gas to the surrounding market including Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia, as Croatia's demand only stands at 3.2 billion cubic metres (110 billion cubic feet) per year which is significantly below the expected capacity of the terminal. For this purpose, a new natural gas pipeline between Croatia and Hungary was built.

Technical features[edit]

The terminal will have an initial capacity of 10 billion cubic metres (350 billion cubic feet) per year, which could be increased to 15 billion cubic metres (530 billion cubic feet) per year. The investment is estimated at €800 million.[4]

The final investment decision is to be taken in 2013 and construction to start not before 2014. The terminal would be operational not before 2017.[5]

Project company[edit]

The project is developed by Adria LNG. The shareholders of the company are:

The consortium has slated a 25% stake for Croatian partners, expected to include oil company INA (14%), power company HEP and gas pipeline operator Plinacro (together 11%).[1][4] The Managing Director of Adria LNG company is Evelina Kukova.


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