Advanced Debugger

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Original author(s)Stephen R. Bourne
Developer(s)AT&T Bell Laboratories
Initial releaseJanuary 1979; 45 years ago (1979-01)
Operating systemUnix and Unix-like

The advanced debugger adb is a debugger that first appeared in Seventh Edition UNIX.[1] It is found on Solaris, HP-UX, SCO and Venix. It is the successor of a debugger called db.


The initial version was written by Stephen R. Bourne.[2]

ADB was provided with Solaris until Solaris 8 (2000), when it was replaced by the Modular Debugger (mdb) with Solaris 8 (2000) and the ADB command-line interface now is emulated by mdb when it is called as adb. Mdb has become OpenSource with OpenSolaris.[3] The Solaris kernel debugger kadb that was introduced with SunOS-3.5 (1986) is a minor variant of adb.

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