Adventures of a Dentist

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Adventures of a Dentist
Directed byElem Klimov
Written byAleksandr Volodin
(play & screenplay)
StarringAndrey Myagkov
Vera Vasilyeva
Alisa Freindlich
Panteleymon Krymov
Andrei Petrov
Music byAlfred Shnitke
CinematographySamuil Rubashkin
Edited byValeriya Belova
Release date
1965 (USSR)
1987 (second release)
Running time
82 min.
CountrySoviet Union

Adventures of a Dentist (Russian: Пoхoждения зубногo врача, translit. Pokhozhdyeniya zubnovo vracha) is a 1965 Soviet dark comedy/drama feature film directed by Elem Klimov on Mosfilm. It is currently unavailable on video or DVD for any audience, but is occasionally screened at film festivals.


A dentist is derided (and eventually has his life ruined) by his colleagues for his natural talent of painlessly pulling out teeth.


  • Andrey Myagkov - Sergey Petrovich Chesnokov
  • Vera Vasilyeva - Lyudmila Ivanovna Lastochkina
  • Alisa Freindlich - Masha
  • Panteleymon Krymov - the father of Masha
  • Olga Gobzeva - Tanya
  • Igor Kvasha - Merezhkovsky, a fighter for justice
  • Valentin Nikulin - a sick man, brought for a "demonstrative" tooth extraction
  • Yevgeniy Perov - Yakov Vasilyevich Rubakhin
  • Andrei Petrov - Kotikov, Chesnokov's boss
  • Leonid Diachkov - fiancé of Masha
  • Elizabeth Nikischihina - student Zavalniuk
  • Lybov Korneva - Karpova, medical student
  • Svetlana Starikova - Komsomol leader


The film's implication, that society inevitably ostracizes those who are gifted, horrified censors who told Klimov to change it. When Klimov refused, the film was given the lowest classification: "category three", which meant that it was shown in only 25-78 movie theatres. Only about half a million viewers saw the film when it premiered. In the West, the film has gained recognition due to it being directed by Klimov (most known for his film Come and See), and it has been screened at several film festivals in the last few years.

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