Afghan Defense University

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Coordinates: 34°33′15.263″N 69°1′53.232″E / 34.55423972°N 69.03145333°E / 34.55423972; 69.03145333

Afghan Defense University
Afghan Defense University in 2013.jpg
Established 2013
Location Kabul, Afghanistan

The Afghan Defense University (ADU) is located near the Qargha Reservoir, a short distance west of Kabul in Afghanistan. It houses various educational establishments for the Afghan Armed Forces. The university was constructed on a 1,500-acre (6.1 km2) plot that began being cleared in mid-2008, and that previously served a variety of military roles since the Soviet War in Afghanistan.[1]

A cornerstone laying ceremony was conducted in April 2010 and the construction was completed in 2013. The total cost for the first phase of work was $200 million. Institutions that are located at ADU include the National Military Academy of Afghanistan.


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