African Hunting Holiday

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African Hunting Holiday
Louis Theroux's African Hunting Holiday.jpg
Written byLouis Theroux
StarringLouis Theroux
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Louis Theroux
Running time60 minutes
Preceded byLouis Theroux: Behind Bars
Followed byLaw and Disorder in Philadelphia

African Hunting Holiday is a 2008 British documentary by Louis Theroux.[1]

Theroux journeys to Limpopo Province, South Africa to join the foreign holidaymakers who flock there to hunt big game in so-called "canned" safaris where animals are purpose bred to be hunted in enclosures, including controversial animals such as lions. The documentary features not only the hunters but also the individuals who run the safaris, and the effects they have on the numbers of certain species in these areas.


The programme received mixed reviews.[2][3][4]


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