Law and Disorder in Johannesburg

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Law and Disorder in Johannesburg
Law and Disorder in Johannesburg.png
Written by Louis Theroux
Starring Louis Theroux
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Louis Theroux
Running time 60 minutes
Distributor BBC
Original release 2008
Preceded by Law and Disorder in Philadelphia
Followed by A Place for Paedophiles

Law and Disorder in Johannesburg is a Louis Theroux documentary about the crime and private security situation in Johannesburg, South Africa. Theroux travels with heavily armed private security contractors who fill a security vacuum left by the government's inability to provide adequate security via normal means, such as policing. Theroux also meets with local people at the Black township level, who practice vigilantism against suspected criminals.[1][2][3]


The Leicester Mercury described the programme as "a tense, depressing and occasionally gobsmacking film shot in a city plucked from the pages of some kind of dystopian novel."[4]

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