Against Me! (demo)

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Against Me!
Demo album by Against Me!
Released June 1997
Recorded December 25, 1996
Genre Folk punk, lo-fi
Length 19:04
Label none, self released
Producer Laura Jane Grace
Against Me! chronology
Against Me!
Against Me! (2000 EP)

Against Me!, more commonly known as Tom's Demo Tape, or simply the First Demo, is a demo album and the first release by Laura Jane Grace under the name Against Me! in June 1997.[1][2] It was recorded on December 25, 1996, by Laura Jane Grace at her mother's house in Naples, FL.[3] Physical copies of the tape are extremely rare; (likely non- existent at this point), however, all 6 tracks can easily be found circulating on YouTube.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Laura Jane Grace.

1."The Price Of Freedom"2:54
2."Does It Make A Difference?"3:01
3."Same Old Song"2:38
4."In The Name Of What?"4:02
6."24 Hour A Day"3:30


Laura Jane Grace - Vocals, guitar, artwork[4]

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