Agat Bay

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Agat Bay is a bay on the west coast of Guam. It is located immediately south of the Orote Peninsula, and stretches south past the village of Agat to Facpi Point. With a length of some seven kilometers, the bay stretches for nearly one fifth of the west coast of Guam. Gaan Point, located halfway along the bay just south of Agat, is the site of the US marine invasion of the island in World War II which saw Guam recaptured from the Japanese.

The northern part of the bay is protected by an offshore reef; further south is Nimitz Beach, a popular snorkeling spot containing the small offshore Anae Island.

Coordinates: 13°22′55″N 144°38′38″E / 13.382°N 144.644°E / 13.382; 144.644