Orote Peninsula

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Aerial view of Apra Harbor, with the Orote Peninsula to the right.

The Orote Peninsula is a four kilometer-long peninsula jutting from the west coast of the United States territory of Guam. The entire peninsula is part of the village of Santa Rita. It forms the southern coast of Apra Harbor, and its westernmost tip, Point Udall, is also Guam's westernmost point. The south coast of Orote Peninsula meets the rest of the island at the long sweep of Agat Bay.

Orote Peninsula is the site of Naval Base Guam, and is also the location of the small settlement of Lockwood Terrace.

The peninsula was also featured in the epilogue of the TV show Lost, where a Dharma Initiative station in charge of pallet drops of food to a mysterious island, is based on the peninsula.

Coordinates: 13°26′N 144°38′E / 13.44°N 144.63°E / 13.44; 144.63