Ahmadullah Affandi

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Ahmadullah Affandi

Ahmadullah Affandi (born February 22, 1922, Bandipora, Kashmir, died February 18, 2013), also known as ‘Baba-e-J&K Scouting’, is a national award-winning scout of Jammu and Kashmir. Affandi was born and raised in Onagam village of Bandipora district in north Kashmir. In 1999, he received the Bharat Scouts and Guides Silver Elephant National Award in recognition of his services to the youth. Affandi was given a state award in 2005-06.

Affandi was appointed as a government teacher in 1941. He raised the scouts troops at the local public school in Bandipora, where he worked until 1980. He was the leader of Indian contingent, which was invited to Saudi Arabia by the then Saudi Arabian King, Shah Faesal in 1967.

Affandi played as a goalkeeper for Kashmir 11 Football team, which participated in different matches at Lahore in 1948-49.

He died on February 18, 2013.