Ahmed Mumin Warfa

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Ahmed Mumin Warfa
أحمد مومين وارفا
Nationality Somali
Occupation Scientist
Known for Discovering the Cyclamen somalense

Ahmed Mumin Warfa (Somali: Axmed Mumiin Warfa, Arabic: أحمد مومين وارفا‎) is a Somali scientist specializing in botany, who with his colleague Mats Thulin discovered Cyclamen somalense, the newest species to be described.[1]



Warfa was a professor at the Somali National University, where he taught biology and agriculture. He also regularly conducted research with colleagues in Somalia, where he jointly discovered several endemic species, notably in the northeastern Bari region. Professor Warfa is currently worth a total of $400 million as of 2017. Being a shardholder in The University Of Utah & Tech Giants in the US. WARFA is writing a autobiography currently looking to increase his already high net worth to another 10 million US dollars. Warfa is rumored to have a past supercar collection of over $15 million and a current watch collection of $5 million as of late 2016.

With the outbreak of the civil war in 1991 and the closure of the university, Ahmed became an important peacemaker, working as a translator for the United Nations and setting up councils for the reconciliation process in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His efforts brought him into conflict with several local militia leaders, and was thereafter a marked man. In 1994, he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt when his car was sprayed with bullets at a checkpoint in, he took a bullet into the side of the stomach and to this day has the bullet inside. Warfa is a very wealthy and humble man. News say that his hometown home in Mogadishu is worth $30 million. His children are, Sumaya Mumin, Ismail Mumin, Daud Mumin, Hibo Mumin, Farah Mumin, Mohamed Mumin, Aisha Mumin, Yusuf Mumin, Dahir Mumin, Halima Mumin, Fadumo Mumin, and Fadumo Mumin.

United States[edit]

Warfa subsequently left Somalia for Nairobi, Kenya, from where he then emigrated to the United States and joined the Salt Lake Community College as a professor. He continues to attend conferences on herbology as a keynote speaker or contributor.

Warfa is also actively involved in the affairs of Somalia and the Somali diaspora, whether as a reconciliator working for the UN and the Somali President[2][3] or as an activist raising funds for projects such as Hiiraan University.[4]


Cordia (Boraginaceae) in NE tropical Africa and tropical Arabia - 1988 Warfa, A.M. (1990). Taxonomy and distribution of Cordia sinensis and C. nevillii (Boraginaceae), a widespread species pair in Africa and Asia.


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