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Ahrue Luster

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Ahrue Ilustre (born September 17, 1968),[1] commonly known as Ahrue Luster, is an American guitarist. He is a current guitarist of heavy metal band Lions at the Gate, and was the lead guitarist for the Ill Niño.[2] He is also a former guitarist for Machine Head,[3][4] as well as Manmade God and a Bay Area thrash metal act called The Horde of Torment who were originally called "Pestilence" but had to change their name because another Pestilence had signed to Roadrunner Records.

In 2015, Luster joined the horror metal band Terror Universal founded by Ill Niño drummer Dave Chavarri.[5] He produced Motograter's second studio album, which was released in August 2017. In September 2019, Nonpoint announced Luster will be their touring lead guitarist for their upcoming tour.


Machine Head[edit]

Ill Niño[edit]


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