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Pronunciation Irish: [ˈavʲlʲiːnʲ]
Gender female

Aibhilín is the Irish form of the Norman name Aveline (anglicized Evelyn).

Bearers of the name[edit]

  • Aibhilín Ní Uidhir, died 1498.
  • Aibhilín Ní Neill, died 1508.
  • Aibhilín Ní Uiginn, 1510.
  • Aibhilín Ní Ridire an Glenna, died 1524.
  • Aibhilín Ní Domhnaill, died 1549.
  • Aibhilín Níc Carthaigh, died 1560.
  • Aibhilín Ní Roste, died 1583.

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