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Aiki Framework
Developer(s) Bassel Khartabil,[1] Fabricatorz, LLC[2]
Initial release September 2009 (2009-09)[3]
Stable release
0.9.1[4] / February 23, 2012 (2012-02-23)
Development status Maintained
Written in PHP, MYSQL and JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in Multi-language
Type CMF
License AGPL

Aiki Framework " is a flexible PHP + MYSQL (LAMP) web application framework that allows designers and programmers to easily create and work with existing content management systems from the web.".[5] The Fabricatorz global production company[2] was its commercial steward and has used it to build Open Clip Art Library 3.0[6] and the now public Open Font Library.[7][8] Both sites using Aiki Framework were publicly announced at Libre Graphics Meeting 2011.


The last release[9] of the software approximately coincided with the March 15, 2012 detainment in Syria of the technologies inventor, Bassel Khartabil. Aiki Framework still is the underlying technology of the Open Clip Art Library and Open Font Library, but the technology was deprecated until 2016 when it was resurrected and put on GitHub.[10] The history of changes was imported to git from last zip file taken from and controlled by bazaar version control.


The goal of Aiki Framework is to make a fast system for developing heavily trafficked communities where developers are used to editing source code, but can not directly because of necessary security precautions in running a web server.



  • Christopher Adams[13]
  • Dave Crossland
  • Steven Garcia
  • Brad Phillips[14]
  • Jon Phillips
  • Bassel Safadi
  • Barry Threw[15]
  • Jakub Jankiewicz


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