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Aire valley power station may refer to one or all of:[1]

By the 1990s the collection of three power stations generated 20% of Britain's electricity,[1] and contributed 56% of the Yorkshire and Humber regions greenhouse gas emissions, which was primarily CO2 (~2010).[2] In 2006 the generating capacity was approximately 8 GW total (Ferrybridge C, 2 GW; Eggborough, 2 GW, Drax 4 GW).[3]

The power stations were built during the post-Beeching era,[3] close to the Selby Coalfield which supplied them via Gascoigne Wood until the field's closure at the beginning of the 21st century.[4][5] After the Selby field closure coal was imported to fuel the power stations, much of it through the Humber ports (primarily Immingham Port, also Port of Hull) and other east coast ports (Redcar, Tyne, Blyth), additionally coal was supplied from open cast coal mines in Ayrshire, Scotland, as well as being imported via Scotland (Hunterston Terminal).[6]

Ferrybridge and Eggborough power stations were scheduled to close in March 2016.[7] Ferrybridge closed according to schedule on 31 March 2016,[8] while Eggborough will continue to operate at least until March 2017.[9]


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