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حي التفاح
Tuffah is located in Gaza Strip
Location in Gaza Strip
Coordinates: 31°30′57.19″N 34°28′9.49″E / 31.5158861°N 34.4693028°E / 31.5158861; 34.4693028
Country  Palestine
Governorate Gaza Governorate
City Gaza
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)

Tuffah (Arabic: حي التفاح‎‎, translation: "the Apple") is a district of Gaza City,[1] located northeast of the Old City and is divided into eastern and western halves.[2] Prior to its expansion and the demolition of the Old City's walls, Tuffah was one of the three walled quarters of Gaza, the other two being al-Daraj and Zeitoun. Tuffah was situated in the northeastern section of the Old City. The local pronunciation of the district's name is at-tuffen.[3]

Tuffah has existed since early Mamluk rule in Gaza in the 13th century. The southern part of Tuffah was called "ad-Dabbaghah". According to Ottoman tax records in the late 16th century, it was a small neighborhood containing 57 households. The ad-Dabbaghah neighborhood contained Gaza's slaughterhouse and tanners' facilities during the Ottoman era (1517-1917). The northern subdivision of Tuffah was called "Bani Amir."[3]

The 14th-century Ibn Marwan Mosque is located in the district as is the 13th-century Aybaki Mosque.[4] Home to the British War Cemetery, Tuffah also contains Gaza's public library and a number of Palestinian Red Crescent schools.[5]


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