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Al Aan TV
Al Aan TV Logo.png
Launched2006; 14 years ago (2006)
Owned byTower Media Middle East
Picture format576p (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
SloganReal News and Real Entertainment
CountryUAE and Egypt
Broadcast areaPan-Arab Region
HeadquartersDubai, United Arab Emirates
Nilesat 20111938 V - 27500 - 5/6 [1]
Badr412111 H - 27500 - 3/4 [2]
E-Vision Channel155 [3]
DU Channel679 [4]

Al Aan or Alaan TV (Arabic: تلفزيون الآن‎) is a pan-Arab infotainment satellite television station based in Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates.

History and profile[edit]

Al Aan is an Arab satellite TV channel that was founded on professionalism and neutrality. It broadcasts from Dubai Media City, and, since its establishment in 2006, has been free to air round the clock. The TV channel has created an original unique identity by integrating entertainment and present events to deliver a value that is relevant to the viewers’ expectations and aspirations, and it does both as a responsible media organization that stands out in the industry.

Al Aan’s slogan, “Real News and Real Entertainment”, responds to those who demand to be aware of events around them, and express their desire for entertainment. Al Aan believes in women empowerment through programs that highlight Arab women’s lives, and their crucial role. In addition to supporting the youth through entertainment, reality and humanitarian programs that largely tap into their interests.

Al Aan TV is free-to-air at Arabsat and Nilesat,[1] Mobile phones, Digital platforms, and Smart phones applications.

The channel came into spotlight when it aired a rare video of a woman being stoned to death by Taliban in Orakzai Agency Pakistan.[2][3]

Al Aan TV was the only TV station in the world to film and report[4] the funeral of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi after his death in 2011 Libyan civil war.[5][6]


  • Nojoom Bila Hudood : This program intends to discover new and exceptional talents on social media platforms. The second season ended in May 2018.
  • Basmati : Prepared and presented by Maguy Awn, the show hosts Arab personalities from various political, social and artistic fields to highlight humanitarian and social issues as well as to discuss their journey and careers.
  • Maw’edna Shabab : A talk show featuring young presenters that discuss social news, and social media trending topics and their impact on our lives, providing their advice and opinion..
  • Hatha Yawmi : Vloggers take over this lifestyle and entertainment segment to record and share the highlights of their day and important events, like World Cup 2018 from Russia and the Arab world, including interesting moments, thoughts, opinions and different experiences.
  • Jari Al La’ib : A first of its kind show ever made, where video gamers have a platform to live stream and show their gaming skills on TV.
  • Bidoon Filter : Hosted by popular beauty vloggers, the show is an encyclopedia of fashion, make up, hair dressing, and beauty.
  • EmoGenius : A game show that is based on communication, uniquely tapping into the massive popularity of emoji and text messaging.
  • Lilsa’ada Muftah : A comedy show that mixes fiction and reality through a naturally comic fictional family that creates the bonding of these two worlds, perfectly, as they venture out, on the streets, to play their pranks on real people using a hidden camera.
  • Al Akhbar Ala Taree’itna : A comedy that has a unique vibe, highlighting news from around the globe, i.e. the biggest sports event of the year’s news. The show is presented by actors and musicians from different Arabic backgrounds.
  • Al Comedy Show : A comedy that presents different social topics with various comedy genres. The program hosts a group of comedian artists to perform segments in every episode.

Akhbar Al Aan[edit]

Al Aan presents a set of news programs, covering the Arab and international news, around the clock, including: reports, opinions and analysis of experts, culture, sport, economy and communities’ affairs in addition to special segments for journalism to reveal local issues and serious cases.

Al Aan TV mirrors critical topics, including exclusive reports and footage with a network of reporters distributed around the Arab World, among them the reporter and journalist Jenan Moussa, below is some of her work:

April 2018, The First TV Interview with One of the Most Dangerous British Fighters in ISIS: Our correspondent, Jenan Mousa, was able to conduct the first television interview with one of the most famous members of the notorious ISIS British fighters known as “Al-Shafee’ Al Sheikh", who was recently arrested in Syria by the Kurdish forces. Al Shafee Al Sheikh is a member of “The Beatles” group, which is a dangerous group of four individuals, of British origin, in ISIS. They were responsible for the torturing and beheading of journalists and foreign aid workers.

September 2017, Libya and the circumstances of assessing Musa al Sadr: Jenan Mousa interviewed Ahmed Ramadan, the assistant of the former Libyan President Muammar al Qaddafi, who revealed for the very first time the names of those believed to be behind the murder of the Shiite Lebanese imam Musa al Sadr who had disappeared on August 1978 during a visit to Libya; this news captured the attention of the international media and newspapers.

July 2017, Exclusive scenes of the developments in Al Raqqa from Jenan Mousa: Janan Mousa travelled in Al Raqqa, and witnessed the clashes taking place there to liberate the city from the ISIL. She had several reports about the liberation of Al Raqqa, and the latest field developments from the lines of contact with them, in addition to a series of important interviews. She also provided the first evidence proving that the ISIL currency was a reality, and not a propaganda.

March 2014, Exclusive footage of stoning woman by Taliban Pakistan: Jenan was the first journalist who posted exclusive footage of a Pakistani woman being stoned to death by Taliban Pakistan. In addition to that, her report with one of the commanders in Brigade 30 which was attacked by Al Nusra front in Syria was used as a reference by David Ignatius, the well-known writer in the Washington Post, Moreover, Al Aan TV has also produced political, humanitarian, and social documentaries, especially in the conflict zones.

January 2013, Janan Moussa reveals the fate of 30 thousand Islamic manuscripts in Mali on Al Aan TV: Jenan brought the audience a report about thousands of Islamic manuscripts, many of which were burned by militant groups in Timbuktu, Mali. According to Sheikh Mahmoud Deco, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Mali, it contains one million Islamic manuscripts, dating to the spread of Islam in Africa.

Moreover, Al Aan TV has also produced political, humanitarian, and social documentaries, especially in the conflict zones.

News Programming[edit]

  • Studio Al Aan : An evening live talk show that covers and analyzes the most important affairs of the day in the Arab world, offering real news that affects real people, who can react on the show.
  • Al Yawm : A daily morning show that provide the Arab viewers with an overview of the most prominent developments in the Arab and international arenas, as well as the trending topics on social media, and it hosts specialists to discuss different aspects of life that concern both men and women.
  • Noon: A weekly program that is a platform for women, as it hosts female stars of art, literature and politics to discuss and comment on social, humanitarian, and world events to see the world through women’s eyes.
  • Al Watan Al Yawm: The show discusses the most prominent developments of humanitarian and social issues and innovation in KSA.
  • #Sport: A weekly sports show that highlights and summarizes the major sport events locally and internationally.

Social initiatives[edit]

  • Since its establishment, Al Aan TV joined several social initiatives. One of the most important campaign was the ‘’ Kafa Onfan’’ initiative in 2008, an initiative aimed to fight and stop domestic violence against women; In cooperation with both Saudi and Emirati Ministries of Health, Al Aan participated and sponsored awareness campaigns about breast cancer and smoking and continued its contribution in the Pink Caravan Campaign to fight breast cancer for many years. In July 2013, and in collaboration with the Red Crescent of the United Arab Emirates, Al Aan TV participated in the campaign “Jesr al Khair – to support Syrian refugees.

Al Aan Awards[edit]

Al Aan TV won awards at the Transform Award MENA 2016 as appreciation to implementing the latest technologies, including the categories of "Best Strategies," "Implementation," "Content," and "Rating" of the brand.

Al Aan TV was awarded the’’ Highly Commended for Outstanding Channel’’ from the TV Connect MENA 2015.

Al Aan TV won the Arab Format Accelerator Award for “Best Export Format” for Nojoum Bila Hodoud, 2018


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