Alain Ehrenberg

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Alain Ehrenberg
Head and shoulders portrait of sitting 60-year-old man in rimless glasses, black suit, and black tee-shirt, with both hands lying on a table.
During « Forum Libération 2010 » in Rennes.

Alain Ehrenberg, born in Paris in 1950, is a French sociologist.

Author of a PhD thesis of sociology Archangels, warriors, military men and sportsmen. Essay on the education of the strong man,[1] he subsequently became interested in the anxieties of the individual in modern society, faced with the need for achievement and Autonomy and the loss of social signposts and support systems.

After being a researcher at the Edgar Morin Centre, Ehrenberg founded and co-directed the research group "Psychotropics, Politics, Society" at the CNRS. He is currently the director of the "Psychotropics, Mental Health, Society" Research Center (Cesames).


  • (in collaboration with Jean-Pierre and Patrick Zylberman Yahi) Archangels, warriors, sportsmen and small perverse genesis of competitive sports and fate of physical violence: Policy Analysis of the promoters of the French and Japanese karate, implantation to the institution, 1953-1976, Organizing Committee for applied research on economic and social development, 1977–1980
  • The Military Corps: Politics and Pedagogy in a Democracy, Aubier-Montaigne, 1983
  • The Cult of Achievement, Calmann-Lévy, Paris, 1991
  • The Uncertain Individual, Calmann-Lévy, Paris, 1995
  • The Fatigue of being oneself - Depression and society, Odile Jacob, Paris 1998 (reprint pockets Odile Jacob) La fatigue d'être soi : dépression et société. ISBN 2-7381-0859-8.
  • The Uneasy Society, Odile Jacob, Paris, 2010

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  • PhD thesis supervised by Eugene Henriquez, defended in 1978 at the Paris University X [1]
  • "Depression, illness of autonomy," Ehrenberg interviewed by Michel Botbol in Nervure XVI-3, September 2003


  • Nervousness in civilization. From the cult of performance to psychic collapse, Conference Alain Ehrenberg, University of all knowledges, SFRS, Vanves, 2001, 76 '(DVD)

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