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Copenhagen Business School
Handelshøjskolen i København
CBS, Solbjerg Plads
CBS, Solbjerg Plads
Motto Where University Means Business
Established 1917
Type Public University
Budget Funding (million euro) 165.9
Chairman Peter Schütze
President Per Holten-Andersen
Dean Peter Møllgaard & Jan Molin
Director Peter Jonasson Pedersen
Academic staff
690 (full time), 730 (part time)
Administrative staff
Students 19,999 (3,106 foreign students)
Other students
333 exchange agreements and world wide cooperations
Location Frederiksberg and Copenhagen, Denmark Denmark
Campus Solbjerg Plads (primary),
Dalgas Have,
Kilen (The Wedge)
Flintholm and
Colors      CBS Blue
Sports CBS Sports
Nickname CBS
Affiliations EQUIS
CBS logo horizontal 3 lines blue

Copenhagen Business School, also known as CBS, is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. CBS was established in 1917 by Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education and Research (FUHU), however, it wasn't until 1920 that accounting became the first full study programme at CBS. Today CBS has more than 20,000 students, 13,000 employees and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes within business, typically with an interdisciplinary and international focus. CBS' campus is located in Frederiksberg, close to the center of Copenhagen, and centers on CBS' main campus Solbjerg Plads (finished in 2000).

Since the Danish Universities Act of 2003, CBS has had a Board of Directors with an external majority. The Board of Directors appoints the President of CBS, who is currently Per Holten-Andersen. Most of the programs are taught in English and more than 50% of the faculty is recruited from abroad, making CBS an international academic environment.


CBS was established in 1917 by the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education (now known as FUHU), which is a private educational institution. In 1965 the business school became integrated as an institution of higher education in the Danish education system. Today it is regulated by the Danish Universities Act of 2003.

Academic programmes[edit]

CBS offers a range of university degrees in business economics and modern languages for international business communication in Denmark.

BSc International Business[edit]

The BSc in International Business covers three main areas of study, Economics, Business Economics/Management, and Methodology. The BSc IB is the only program in Denmark that offers students the opportunity to join the GLOBE (Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education) program or the EngAGE (Engaged, Applied, Global Education) program.

BSc International Business and Politics[edit]

The BSc in International Business and Politics is an interdisciplinary bachelor program which offers students a joint concentration in management and economics, political science and international relations.

Masters Programmes[edit]

Some of the graduate degree and diploma programmes:[1]

  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Philosophy and Business Administration


CBS Campus[edit]

CBS is an urban university primarily located in four modern buildings in Frederiksberg, close to the center of Copenhagen. The main complex, Solbjerg Plads, was opened in 2000 and includes 34,000 m2 of student and office space surrounded by gardens and outdoor living space.[2] Designed by Vilhelm Lauritzer Architects, the complex consists of interconnected concrete, glass and tile-sided buildings of varying heights that house student auditoriums, faculty office space, a cafeteria, the main library, a student bar and the campus bookstore.[3]

Dalgas Have, opened in 1989 and designed by Henning Larsen Architects, is the oldest building currently in use.[4] Owned by the Danish Pension Fund for Engineers and leased by CBS, the building includes 20,000 m2 of student classrooms, study space and offices distributed around a three-story 175 m long arcade.[4][5] At the midpoint of the arcade a two-story semi-circular cafeteria sits below a semi-circular library.[4]

Kilen (The Wedge) was opened in 2006 and includes 10,000 m2 of student classrooms, study spaces, and offices for research and administration.[6] Designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, the four-story wedge-shaped building features a large oval-shaped atrium that extends the height of the building.[7] The exterior is covered with full-story screens made of wood, matte glass or copper, which rotate in response to the Sun and weather.[7] Kilen has been the recipient of numerous architecture and design awards such as a RIBA European Award in 2006.[7]

Porcelænshaven, the fourth main building that comprises the CBS campus, is leased by CBS from the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education. Formerly the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory, the factory has been converted into 20,000 m2 of student classrooms, study spaces, offices, and a student residence.[8] A central feature of the building, a 1,000 m2 main hall used for large events, stands in the old location of the factory kiln hall.[8] As part of the factory conversion, Henning Larsen Architects transformed the old raw material storage building into 3,800 m2 of modern study space.[9]

CBS campus buildings reflect characteristic Scandinavian style and have been recognized by Frederiksberg Municipality earning an Award for Good and Beautiful Building in 2006 and 2009.[7][9] The four main buildings are within walking distance and located along three consecutive stations on the Copenhagen Metro from Lindevang Station (Dalgas Have) to Frederiksberg Station (Solbjerg Plads).

Student facilities[edit]

Student facilities include multimedia labs, interpretation labs, break-out rooms for group and project work, personal computers and Learning Resource Center. Computers are replaced with new models at least every third year. Plugs for portable laptops are readily available, and wireless connections are installed in the main buildings.


President Years
Per Holten-Andersen 2012–Present[10]
Alan Irwin 2011[11]
Johan Roos 2009[12]-2011[11][13]
Finn Junge-Jensen 1987-2009
Frode Slipsager 1979-1987
Lauge Stetting 1978-1979
Carl E. Sørensen 1975-1978
Jan Kobbernagel 1963-1975
Poul Winding 1957-1963
Christen Møller, Director 1938-1957
Marius Vibæk, Director 1917-1938

Degree programmes[edit]

CBS offers a range of university degrees in business economics and modern languages for international business communication in Denmark. The selection of full-time programmes complies with the three levels:

  • 3-year Bachelor
  • 2-year Master
  • 1-year MBA
  • 3-year PhD

As of September 2009, two of Denmark’s new Elite Master programmes for top qualified foreign and Danish students are offered at CBS: The Master in Advanced Economics and Finance and the interdisciplinary Master Programme in International Law, Economics and Management (ILECMA) which is offered in partnership with the University of Copenhagen.

Furthermore, CBS offers part-time programmes
  • Executive Master Programmes
  • Graduate Diploma Programmes and short courses

Exchange programmes[edit]

CBS is the Danish member of CEMS - Global Alliance in Management Education and a member of Partnership in International Management (PIM), and focuses on double degree agreements with other top business schools. CBS has exchange and cooperation agreements with 390 universities and business schools around the world, half of which are European. 43% of CBS programmes are taught in English and CBS offers approximately 200 separate courses taught in English.



French ratings agency Eduniversal ranked Copenhagen Business School the #1 business school in the world in 2014, followed by London Business School and Harvard Business School.[14] Copenhagen Business School was also awarded a 5 Palmes rating, as one of 100 Universal Business Schools with Major International Influence.[15]

QS Intelligence Unit

The QS Global 200 Business School Report 2014/15 ranked the Copenhagen Business School MBA program #12 in Europe.[16] The same report ranked the Copenhagen Business School MBA program in the top cluster of MBA programs globally. The top cluster, of four clusters total, comprises 20 North American MBA programs, 14 European MBA programs and 4 Asia Pacific MBA programs.[17]

QS World University Ranking

In the 2015 QS World University Ranking, CBS ranks No. 10 in the world and No. 6 in Europe in the "Business & Management Studies" category.[18]

The Economist

The Economist ranked the Copenhagen Business School MBA program #83 in the global Top 100 in 2011.[19] The Copenhagen Business School MBA program did not make the Economist's list of Top 100 MBAs for 2014.

Financial Times

The Financial Times ranked the Copenhagen Business School MBA program in Europe #45 in 2014.[20] The Financial Times also ranked Copenhagen Business School #32 worldwide in its Masters in Management 2015 ranking.[21]

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal ranked the Copenhagen Business School MBA program #12 globally amongst accelerated MBA programs in 2009.[22]

The Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute's "Beyond Grey Pinstripes" bi-annual report ranked the Copenhagen Business School MBA program #43 globally (#7 in Europe) in its 2011-2012 report and #63 globally (#9 in Europe) in its 2009-2010 report.[23][24][25]

Triple Crown of Accreditation

The Copenhagen Business School MBA program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the Association of MBAs, and the European Quality Improvement System. Copenhagen Business School and Aarhus University are the only two business schools in Denmark, and two of 57 business schools globally to earn Triple accreditation.[26] Copenhagen Business School earned the AACSB accreditation in 2011, the AMBA accreditation in 2007 and the EQUIS accreditation in 2000. In 2015 CBS received the EQUIS seal of approval and thereby remains among the best 1% of business worldwide in terms of triple-crown accreditation.[27]

CEOWorld Magazine

The CEOWorld Magazine's list of Top 25 Best Business Schools World Wide Rankings for CEO and Entrepreneurs 2014 list Copenhagen Business School on rank 20 in the world.[28]

Better World MBA

In the 2015 Better World MBA Ranking, which is published by Corporate Knights, the Copenhagen MBA ranked 3rd globally. This ranking is the only ranking currently evaluating environmental, social and governance metrics (ESG) in graduate business programmes, hereby aiming to identify which MBAs best equips graduates ″to change the world for the better″.[29]

Student life[edit]

Student-run organisations[edit]

CBS' is one of the universities in Denmark with the most student-run organisations on campus. CBS encourages its student to take part in extracurricular activities.

Students' union[edit]

The students' union, CBS Students, is the official student union of CBS and controls the vast majority of all student held positions in decision making bodies of CBS, through which, they attempt to influence the academic policies at CBS. These representatives are elected once every year. Furthermore, CBS Students also serves as a platform for co-operation between many of the other student-run organisations at CBS, by providing funding and training to some of these.

CBS Debating Society[edit]

CBS Debating Society is the official society for debaters at CBS. Meant to serve students both at CBS and other schools around Copenhagen, CBS Debating Society states its goal as creating and developing speechmaking and argumentation formulation skills of students in the Copenhagen area, with its mission being "to represent freedom to speak, argue, and refute contentious topics." Topics covered by the Society range from international politics to economics, business, law, philosophy, or gender equality. Members cultivate skills such as logical reasoning skills and public speaking skills, pivotal not only for business students but also students of various other disciplines.


CBSLife is the official blog for CBS. Meant to serve students everywhere, CBSLife states that the goal of this blog is to report on anything and everything relevant to both CBS and Copenhagen. The writers at this blog are all students at CBS and since CBS is full of international students, the people behind CBSLife write only in English. CBSLife is organized into several sections:

  • On Campus
  • Off Campus
  • Guide
  • Exchange
  • Discuss
  • Check Out
  • Tracks
  • Fashion

All students at CBS are able to apply if they wish to write for CBSLife.

oikos Copenhagen[edit]

oikos Copenhagen is a major local chapter of an international non-profit student organization network. It brings together CBS-students interested in environmental, social and financial sustainability and responsible business. The purpose of oikos Copenhagen is to enable and inspire students to make responsible and sustainable decisions in their future lives and professional careers. The organization hosts a variety of events aiming at creating a forum where students can gain, share and discuss knowledge on (1) environmental, social and financial sustainability in companies and organizations; (2) ethical and responsible business and organizational practices; and (3) opportunities in the developing world for the private and public sector.

IBP Union[edit]

For masters and bachelor students enrolled in the International Business and Politics programme at Copenhagen Business School the student organization IBP Union has been established in the attempt to further the integration of people studying IBP through social and academic activities.

CBS Sport[edit]

CBS Sport is an independent sports organization belonging to CBS. Established in 2006, CBS Sport currently has 12 sports:

CBS Wine[edit]

CBS Wine is a non-profit, student-run organisation at CBS that hosts wine tastings and functions as a place to enjoy and discuss quality wines. Furthermore, CBS Wine regularly participates in international wine tasting competitions aimed at university students. Among its best performances can be mentioned finishing third in the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup 2012.

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