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Alain Rémond is a famous French humor columnist, born in 1946 in Mortain (Manche).


Alain Rémond was born into a modest Breton family. He studied philosophy, became a teacher of audiovisual moving later on to film review.

In 1973, Alain got a job in "Télérama" where he created the well-known and hilarious column "Mon oeil" (which means both "My eye" and "I don't believe you"). He became an editor and continued until 2002.

Now, he writes in the centrist "Marianne" (but has said he voted for Ségolène Royal in French presidential Election of 2007) and in the Catholic "La Croix".

He has published many books about his idols like Yves Montand or Bob Dylan, and has written about his childhood.

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