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Alan Dubin is an American vocalist/singer most widely known for his role in the now defunct doom metal band Khanate.[1] He is noted for his tortured and distinctive vocal approach.[2] Other bands he has been featured in include OLD and current band Gnaw.

Dubin is also a professional film/video editor with many credits in TV commercials, shows, films, music videos and more.

Studio discography[edit]




  • This Face - 2009
  • Horrible Chamber - 2013

A Taste For Decay[edit]

  • Beneath Black Waters (featured on the track "Approaching Fresh Throats (Of Certain Ghosts To Be))" - 2010


  • Through A Pre-Memory (featured on the tracks "Muse", "Watch Over Stillness / Matters Principle") - 2013


  • The Great Sonic Wave - 2013


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