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Albert Baldwin Dod (March 24, 1805 – November 20, 1845) was an American Presbyterian theologian and professor of mathematics. He was born in Mendham, New Jersey to Daniel and Nancy (née Squire) Dod.

After a religious awakening while at college in Princeton (Class of 1822), Dod became affiliated with the influential Princeton Theologians. He published frequently in the group's chief outlet, the Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review, edited by Charles Hodge. Among his publications there, an attack on Transcendentalism (perhaps written with James Waddel Alexander; published in the January 1839 issue) attracted wide notice and was later republished by Andrews Norton. For much of his life he taught mathematics at the College, and participated in theological discussion and preaching at the Seminary, in Princeton. The Doctorate in Divinity, though, was conferred on him by the University of North Carolina and by New York University.

Dod married Caroline Smith Bayard (1807–1891). They had at eight children; Martha Bayard, Caroline Bayard, Albert Baldwin, Julia Washington, Samuel Bayard, Susan Bratford, Charles Hodge, and Mary B. Their daughter Martha Bayard Dod (1831–1899) married Edwin Augustus Stevens (1795–1868), founder of Stevens Institute of Technology.

Dod died of pleurisy after a brief illness.

In 1869, his son Samuel Bayard Dod (Princeton Class of 1857) established an Endowed Professorship at Princeton University in mathematics in memory of him.

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