Albion Field Station

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Albion Field Station
Established 1947 (1947)
Research type
Budget $100,000
Field of research
Address 34100 Albion Street
Location Albion, California, United States
39°13′36″N 123°45′45″W / 39.226627°N 123.762606°W / 39.226627; -123.762606Coordinates: 39°13′36″N 123°45′45″W / 39.226627°N 123.762606°W / 39.226627; -123.762606
Zip code
Affiliations Adventist Church
Operating agency
Pacific Union College
Website Albion Field Station

The Albion Biological Field Station is a research and education facility near the Pacific coast of Mendocino County, California that is operated by Pacific Union College, a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Adventist Church and located in the Napa Valley.[1][2]

The Albion Field Station is located in Albion, California, on the south bank of the Albion River, in a former lumber camp.[1] It was established in 1947, and provides college courses in biology as well as shorter courses for elementary and high school students and seniors.[2] It also provides boating facilities, which were significantly renovated beginning in 2007.[2][3]

In 2007, the net cost to the college of operating the station was $100,000.[4]


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