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Albrechtschraufite is a very rare complex hydrated Ca- and Mg-bearing uranyl fluoride carbonate mineral with formula Ca4Mg(UO2)2(CO3)6F2·17H2O.[1][2][3] The molar weight of albrechtschraufite is 1,428.98 gm. The color of albrechtschraufite is yellow-green. The streak of albrechtschraufite is white. The density of albrechtschraufite is 2.6 g/cm3. The Mohs hardness is 2-3. The luster of albrechtschraufite is vitreous (glassy). It is named after Albrecht Schrauf (1837–1897), Professor of Mineralogy, University of Vienna. Its type locality is Jáchymov, Jáchymov District, Krušné Hory Mountains, Karlovy Vary Region, Bohemia, Czech Republic.