Albugo ipomoeae-panduratae

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Albugo ipomoeae-panduratae
Scientific classification
(unranked): SAR
Superphylum: Heterokonta
Class: Oomycetes
Order: Albuginales
Family: Albuginaceae
Genus: Albugo
Species: A. ipomoeae-panduratae
Binomial name
Albugo ipomoeae-panduratae
(Schwein.) Swingle, (1892)

Aecidium ipomoeae Thüm., (1875)
Aecidium ipomoeae-panduratae Schwein., (1822)
Cystopus ipomoeae-panduratae (Schwein.) Stev.{?} & Swingle, (1889)
Puccinia ipomoeae-panduratae (Schwein.) P. Syd. & Syd., (1904)
Trochodium ipomoeae (Thüm.) Syd. & P. Syd., (1920)
Uromyces ipomoeae (Thüm.) Berk., (1882)

Albugo ipomoeae-panduratae, White Rust, is an oomycete plant pathogen, although many discussions still treat it as a fungal organism. It causes leaf and stem lesions on various Ipomoea species, including cultivated morning glories and their relatives.

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