The Aldermen Islands

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Aldermen Islands
Aldermen Islands 1.jpg
A bay on one of the Aldermen Islands.
Location Mercury Bay in the North Island
Coordinates 36°58′S 176°05′E / 36.967°S 176.083°E / -36.967; 176.083
Area 1 km2 (0.39 sq mi)
Population 0

The Aldermen Islands are a small group of rocky islets to the southeast of Mercury Bay in the North Island of New Zealand. They are located off the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of the mouth of the Tairua River.

The islands were named 'the Court of Aldermen' by Captain Cook and his crew on November 3, 1769 after previously naming Mayor Island.[1] The Aldermen group consists of four main islands: Hongiora, Middle, Ruamahuanui, and Ruamahuaiti, which are the remnants of a volcanic cone. Their combined area is just under 1 km2 (0.4 sq mi). The islands are a forested nature reserve hosting rare species including the tuatara. Access is by permit only. Coordinates: 36°58′S 176°05′E / 36.967°S 176.083°E / -36.967; 176.083

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